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You’re So Sowal If…

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You’re so Sowal if…

you consider a long distance relationship dating someone in Destin.

all your friends are realtors or photographers.

you know how Blue Mountain Beach got its name.

you YOLO to work.

you haven’t driven your car in two days, yet you’ve been out and about.

you plan your day around the color of the beach flag.

you know the off season is the best season to go to the beach.

you listen to 30A Radio religiously.

you don’t own a watch or a tie.

you don’t mind the fine layer of sand in your bed.

you carry a beach towel, a swimsuit and a beach chair in your car at all times.

you become a vegetarian for a meal so you can eat at Hibiscus

south walton beach, 30a real estate

South Walton Beach


you’ve had your birthday party at Nick’s on the Bay.

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