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The HUB 30A

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The HUB on 30A is a great night hotspot on the Eastern End of 30A. It is a great family place and it offers many activities year round. There are multiple food trucks and restaurants throughout the HUB. There is always music playing and it is a very family friendly place. They will play all of the major sporting events on their big screen and they offer live music on most nights.

Be ready to empty your wallet when you come because it can get very pricey. They offer adult beverages to the adults and they ID everyone. It is a wonderful place on 30A that everyone should visit when they vacation here. We love the HUB and we will see you there!
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Mike Matz is the broker/owner of Luxury Properties on 30A and has been representing buyers and sellers of luxury real estate since 2007. Our “clients first” business philosophy provides you with the reassurance that every action we put in motion is with your best interest in mind. Our approach is different. We strive for excellence; we take the responsibility our clients give us with abundant gratitude. We’re knowledgeable. We’re enthusiastic. We love what we get to do every day. Living and working in such an amazing area is not taken for granted.

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30A’ s Treasure–Dune Lakes

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Dune Lake



The drive along 30A is referred to as scenic in part because of the gorgeous dune lakes that dot both sides of  the road. I find myself slowing down whenever I come upon one of these dune lakes because they are  so lovely and so rare. Often the cyclists take a little break from pedaling when they cross the lakes and take time to marvel at their beauty.

I knew these lakes are special so I took some time and did a bit of research to learn more about them. I found that they are formed by the wind which erodes rock and redristributes the  sands that form these lakes. The  dune lakes of SoWal have both beach and dune sand mixed with silt  and different formations of clay. The lakes are usually shallow, averaging about 5 feet and were formed between 2 – 10 thousand years ago. They are permanent waterbodies, although their water levels fluctuate due to rain. The dunes themselves range in height from a couple of feet to about 30 feet and act to separate the lakes fom the gulf.

These dune lakes are unique because in the U S they are found only along the Gulf Coast. They sometimes have passes that open to the Gulf Of Mexico so they become a mixture of salt and fresh water. This mixture of water creates distinct ecosystems found only here.

Every now and then, the lake’s water level receives enough rain to cause “blow out” of the lake and the lake will release water into the Gulf and create an estruary. When the water level recedes, the estruary seems to disappear until the time the level rises. The areas in which this happens are considered unstable and are subject to storms and shifting sands.

The lakes are an important source  of fresh water to migrating birds  and beach organisms.

From west  to east the lakes along 30A are Stallworth Lake, Lake Allen, Oyster Lake, Draper Lake, Big Red Fish Lake, Western Lake, Eastern Lake, Deer Lake, Camp Creek Lake.

Walton County has imposed strict building codes to protect these bodies of water and their ecosystems. Please, take some time to appreciate the natural beauty and significance of these dune lakes the next time you venture down Scenic 30A.



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Love on 30A

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I stopped by Modica Market in Seaside on 30A to get something to throw on the grill for dinner and ran into an older couple, Bert and Janice. They stopped by for a bottle of wine and “Who knows what else?” said Janice,”These muffins sure look good!” We started talking as we shopped and they shared with me that they met a few years ago at Big Fish Bike Rentals where they were each renting bikes to coast up and down 30A for the day. Since they were each alone, they decided to ride together. Over coffee at Amavida they discovered they had a lot in common.Both were retired, she as a nurse and he as a sales rep for a medical supply company. They were both widowed and each have adult children that live all over the United States. They loved the kids, but didn’t get to see enough of them.”Oh, well, I guess that’s the way it goes. They have their own lives to live,’ they agreed. Janice was staying at one of her daughters’ condo in Rosemary Beach and Bert was staying at his son’s place in Watersound Beach.

After a day of bike riding and lots of conversation they exchanged cell phone numbers.”I didn’t really think I’d ever hear from him again. You know how it is – we just spent a very nice day together and that would be the end of it,” said Janice.

According to Bert, he went back to Watersound that night and spent a of of time thinking about Janice. “She was mighty easy to talk to. Made me feel young again. I wanted to call her, but I sure was scared. Felt like a teenager asking the prom queen to the movies!” After a lot of deliberation, Bert made that phone call and asked her to go to dinner the next night. Janice accepted and felt both thrilled and a little scared. “I worried about what to wear and how to fix my hair and then just decided to be my own self and hope that was good enough,’ said Janice. Bert took her to Cafe30A  for a fantastic dinner and they talked some more.”It was a very special night to me. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d had such a good time with a lady. I felt so comfortable with Janice. Still do, don’t I?” said Bert as he looked at Janice.

I have a feeling he still feels comfortable with Janice beause they both seemed so happy to me. They say that they are spending more and more time together, a lot of it here on 30A, and it might be time to meet each other’s kids.My wish for them? Ihope they they continue to ride bikes and enjoy dinners together and I hope they do most of it right here on 30A.

Cheers to you, Bert and Janice!





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