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Bastide – a Little Bit of Europe on 30A

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We took some time today to drive to the west end of 30A in search of a shop I read about and just had to see, Bastide. I saw photos of the shop and read about the shop im Vie Magazine and my interest was piqued immediately.

Bastide was a little challenging to find because it’s tucked off 30A, across from Butler Middle School. But, upon arrival, I was so glad I made the effort to find it! As you approach the shop you first notice what appears to be a lovely garden through the wrought iron gate. There, for sale, is a variety of plantings of all sizes to add to your garden or interior decor. Today they were decorated for the upcoming Holiday Season.

As you enter the door to the shop you are immediately transported to a European village and feel that you should have a cup of tea. Or you should rest a bit before heading out to the nearest art museum. The rooms to the shop have a lovely romantic feel and are beautifully merchandised. It’s the kind of place where you want to slow down, take your time and really look at everything.

Bastide specializes in garden design for inside a home as well as outside. The store offers a variety of antiques, home accessories, pottery, linens, fragrances and soothing bath products. These are things you will want for yourself  and are things that would be a much appreciated gift for someone special.

Please visit Bastide the next time you feel the need to do something nice for yourself. You’ll be glad you did!

To get to the shop, travel west on 30A. Continue through Grayton Beach, Blue Mountain Beach,and Gulf Place. Bastide is across the street from the middle school.

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