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Emerald Coast Blue Marlin Classic

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The Emerald Coast Blue Marlin Classic is ranked as one of the Top 10 Big Money Tournaments in the world and is held each year in Sandestin’S Baytown

emerald coast blue marlin classic, 30a real estate

Emerald Coast Blue Marlin Classic

Marina. This weekend the docks were alive with interested onlookers and wannabe anglers as everyone waited anxiously for the boats to arrive with their catches to be weighed in.
I was fascinated by all the interest and excitement that a fishing tournament creates and how easy it is to get caught up in the excitement. Anticipation ran high when it was announced that the boat Done Deal had just passed under the Mid Bay Bridge in Destin and would be arriving at the Baytown docks in a matter of minutes! Everyone scrambled to get spots to stand where they would be sure to see all the action when the boat arrived and the fish were weighed. Done Deal glided into sight with flags flying in the breeze to indicate their catch. The captain and crew looked tired, but very happy, as well they should. They won over $225,000 in prize money and a lot of prestige from the tournament. Their Blue Marlin was a record breaker, weighing in at 783 pounds – the biggest fish that most attendees had ever seen.
Tropical storm Debbie created rough seas for the anglers, with waves from 6 to 8 feet high. Caleb Brown, with Wynsong, reported that he slept in the open on Thursday night and was awakened by a thunder and lightning storm. He was so tired that he simply pulled the pillow over his head and went back to sleep. We met Caleb after Wynsong pulled into dock at Destin and had a wonderful dinner at Harbor Docks overlooking the bay. He looked so tired, but he also looked like a man who enjoys what he does for a living – fishing.
I would recommend that you go to the tournament when it’s held again next year and become a part of the action and enjoy Baytown Marina and the wonderful array of boats on display!

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July 4th Events in South Walton

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In addition to the huge July 4th celebration at Seaside, there will be all sorts of fun things happening all over South Walton from which to choose. Eden Gardens State Park

july 4th on 30a, 30a real estate

July 4th on 30A

will host a Family Day program which includes a chance for your family to build your own pirate ship to sail in the park’s reflection pond. Anyone can participate and the event is free with the cost of admission to the park! All ship building supplies will be provided, so all you need to bring is yourselves and maybe a picnic lunch to enjoy in the beautiful park while you admire the flowers.

Baytowne Wharf will be celebrating the day with face painting, balloon sculpting and crafts for kids. Expect live music and fireworks over the lagoon at night.

Rosemary Beach has big plans for the 4th of July! At 7:30A.M. there will be a bike decorating breakfast and bike parade at North Barrett Square. There will be red, white and blue decorations for the bikes and donuts and juice for the participants. The parade will begin at 8:45 and wind around town.Prizes will be awarded for the most original use of deorations, most patriotic theme, best 6 and under bike, best family entry and best overall decorated bike.

Western Green will be the spot for the family field day from 9 – 11A.M. Field events will include three legged races, a water balloon toss, sack races, hula hop contests, music, air brush tattoos, go fish, balloons and moonwalks. What fun!

There will be a barbecue on the Eastern Green from 5 -7P.M. old fashioned food will include pork, chicken and brisket along with potato salad, cole slaw, baked beans, cobbler and ice tea. Cost is $20 for adults and $10 for kids.

The concert on Western Green will begin at 6;30 and end at 8;30 and be followed by fireworks at 8;45. The best place to view them will be on the beach!

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You’re So Sowal If…

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You’re so Sowal if…

you consider a long distance relationship dating someone in Destin.

all your friends are realtors or photographers.

you know how Blue Mountain Beach got its name.

you YOLO to work.

you haven’t driven your car in two days, yet you’ve been out and about.

you plan your day around the color of the beach flag.

you know the off season is the best season to go to the beach.

you listen to 30A Radio religiously.

you don’t own a watch or a tie.

you don’t mind the fine layer of sand in your bed.

you carry a beach towel, a swimsuit and a beach chair in your car at all times.

you become a vegetarian for a meal so you can eat at Hibiscus

south walton beach, 30a real estate

South Walton Beach


you’ve had your birthday party at Nick’s on the Bay.

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Beach Wrack on 30A

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Beach wrack is the official name of the scattered clumps of stranded seaweed on the beach along the high tide line and are a pivotal part of the beach ecosystem. In fact, it’s the wrack that actually brings the beach to life and is the best place to find sea shells and other seaborne curiosities! Beach wracks keep beaches from becoming barren places because they provide the nutrients, moisture and protection to the unique life of the beach creatures. In the wrack you’ll find ghost crabs, beach tiger beetles, and many species of birds.

Beach wrack is made of sea grass, reeds, and algae that have drifted at sea before washing ashore, especially after storms. When ashore, the wrack becomes  host to insects and tiny crustaceans, which provide food for other creatures. Migrating shorebirds fly here each year to eat the nutritious meals found in the stranded seaweed. Wrack also provides a safe haven for animals in which to hide from predators. Shorebirds can rest in the wrack and seem to disappear by blending with the similar shads of browns and grays.

Beach wrack is critical to the health of the sand dunes, too. They provide nutrients and stabilize windblown sand. The wrack carries seeds from dune plants, such as morning glory and sea rocket. As these seeds take root and sand builds up, new dunes will grow.

A natural beach on which the wracks are not raked is far healthier than a beach that is groomed. The beach with wracks is much more interesting and diverse than a sterile, raked beach. I have seen beach wrack while walking at Blue Mountain Beach

beach wrack, 30a real estate

Beach Wrack on 30A

and found it fascinating. I also saw a strip of wrack on the beach at Grayton and the children were carefully examining it and I’m sure they learned a lot from their curiousity. The next time you see a clump of seaweed, don’t kick it aside – take the time to enjoy the benefits that wrack provides the beach and us.

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4th of July in Seaside

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This year’s 4th of July festivities in Seaside looks like a wonderful way to enjoy the day with your family and friends! Seaside is providing us with a parade, live entertainment and fireworks to make this a fun filled day for all! .On Sunday, July 4th, the Annual South Walton 4th of July Parade

4th of July in Seaside

will begin at 8A.M. at Seagrove Plaza and will end at the Seaside Ampitheater. We’ll get to enjoy an old-fashioned community parade of people, dogs and vehicles dressed in holiday garb. Judges in Seaside will select the winning entries and hand out prizes. Everyone is invited to participate – hop on your scooter, golf cart, bike or create a float and join in the parade fun.

Seaside Ampitheater will be the scene for music from 30A Radio until 11A.M. along with face painting and lots of other fun. The celebration will continue in the evening with Stars and Stripes at Seaside at 7P.M. with live music for all and the fantastic fireworks display at 9P.M. They are best viewed from the beach in front of Seaside Pavillion and will be choreographed  by 30A Radio. If you really love fireworks and are not satisfied with only one display, Bud & Alley’s will host a display on the beach behind their restaurant on Friday night at 9P.M.

All of this sounds like a wonderful way to spend the 4th of July holiday and enjoy yourself as you celebrate our nation’s birthday!

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Alys Beach

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Alys Beach is an oasis on 30A that makes you feel as though you are in another world – a world of calming peace and white elegant tranquility. Alys Beach is South Walton’s newest “new urban” town and is unique because of its blend of Mediterranean and island style. While Alys Beach is definitely a place to relax, there are a number of things to do and see while there.

The Alys Beach Ampitheater hosts outdoor concerts, movies and plays for the entire family to enjoy during the summer.

The annual 30A Wine Festival is held at Caliza Pool. It’s the place to be for fine wine and amazing food.

Caliza Pool hosts happy hours which are well attended and serves dinner by the pool.

Kids and their parents love Fonvile Press for snacks and a place for the kids to play while adults meet and visit.

The Cypress pond wetland area boardwalk is a way to explore natural vegetation and wildlife.

Lake Marilyn is good for strolling around. Cross Somerset Bridge for magnificent views.

Digital Graffiti is held every June. Artists project their art onto  Alys Beach’s white background in the evening and create beautiful images that undulate and seem to melt on the walls.

Parents’ Night Out is sponsored by abrakadoodle. Kids enjoy art projects while their parents can get away for a night on the town.

Charlie’s Donut Truck is a popular spot for the best donuts ever.It’s open every morning and stays open until the donuts run out.

George’s at Alys Beach

alys beach, 30a real estate

Alys Beach

is popular with the locals for lunch and dinner.

The nature trail is a pleasant walk and you wlll see the elusive pitcher plants thriving in their natural habitat. Amazing.




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Sun Safety on 30A

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30a's beautiful beaches, 30a real estate

30A’s Beautiful Beaches

The whole family will have a wonderful time at the beach on 30A if they all follow some basic sun safety rules to prevent painful burning with skin or eye damage. Tanning is your skin’s protective reaction to exposure to the sun to prevent further damage to the skin. We may think we look good with tans, but it is best to limit  our exposure to the rays of the sun. The best way to protect yourself is to limit your exposure to the sun and to protect your skin.

Generously apply a broad spectrum water resistant sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 to all exposed skin. Reapply about every 2 hours and after swimming or sweating. Wear protective clothing, such as a long sleeved shirt, pants, a wide brimmed hat and sunglasses whenever possible.

Seek shade when appropriate. The sun’s rays are the strongest between 10A.M. and 4P.M.. If your shadow is shorter than you are, seek shade. Be extra careful when you are near white sand and water because they reflect rays of the sun and can increase your chances of sunburn. White sand will reflect rays even when you are under an umbrella. While at Seacrest’s beach, I saw lots of people wisely seeking shade under umbrellas.

Check the label when you choose sunglasses. The best ones to offer protection to your eyes have a label that ensure they will protect your eyes from UV rays from the sun. Many medications will increase your sensitivity to the sun’s rays. Some medication will cause you to get a sunburm in a matter of minutes. Read the labels carefully and use extra sunscreen as needed.

Try a new sunscreen on your child’s wrist before using to check for allergic reactions. Be careful to not get any in or too near the eyes. Apply some to all areas of exposed skin, including the ears, lips, back of the neck and tops of the feet. Use some on all children over the age of 6 months.. Sunscreen should be applied 30 minutes before you go out in the sun to give it time to work, and don’t only use it at the beach – use it all the time.

There are many places along 30A to purchase items that will help protect you from the sun. The Watercolor

Publix comes to mind as a store that is supplied with all you might need to keep you safe and happy!

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Beach Safety

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Following beach safety rules will help you have a fun and safe trip to the beach without suffering mishaps or putting yourself in dangerous situations. Yesterday, I saw families having a wonderful time at the beach at Seaside and at Grayton Beach the day before. It was nice to see that they were having their fun in a very safe way. Following are some very basic rules and suggestions to follow while enjoying the beach:

Take sunscreen, sun glasses and a wide brimmed hat for proyection from harmful UV rays. Wear a long sleeved shirt or coverup for extra protection. Limit the amount of sun you receive between the hours of 10 and 2 o’clock, when rays are the most intense.

Drink lots of water to prevent dehydration, even if you do not feel thirsty. Your body needs water to keep cool. Avoid drinks with caffeine or alcohol in them – they will make your body even hotter

Watch for signs of heat stroke, which is life threatening. Signs are hot, dry and red skin and changes in consciousness with a rapid, weak pulse and rapid, shallow breathing. Call 911 immediately and wrap the victim in a wet sheet and fan them. Place ice on the victim’s wrists , ankles, armpits and neck to cool them.

Wear eye protection. Sunglasses are like sunscreen for your eyes. Be sure your glasses absorb 90% of the sun’s rays.

Never swim alone.

Do not dive into head first into shallow water. and don’t dive into the bottom of oncoming waves.

Check weather conditions before you go to the beach and be alert to changing conditions throughout the day.

Swim parallel to the shore instead of away from the shore. If you tire it is easier to return to shore. Also, open water is colder than water near the shore.

Follow these basic rules the next time you head out to  the beaches on 30A

Beach on 30A, 30a real estate

30A’s Beach

and you will be certain of fun in the sun without any problems!

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Recreation in Rosemary Beach

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Recreation in Rosemary Beach can be as simple as taking a walk from place to place, or something a little more strenuous, such as a workout in the fitness center or a tennis match. There is definitely something foe everyone to do for recreation in Rosemary Beach and everyone appears to enjoy themselves while recreating!

If you are the type who enjoys walking, you’ll have a perfect venue in Rosemary Beach. Threaded throughout the town is a network of footpaths, boardwalks and secret pathways that lead to the town center and to the beach. As you walk, you’ll pass lovely gardens, inviting pools, calming water features and friendly people. The Rosemary Beach Fitness Trail & Walking Tour is a 2.3 mile trail made of sand paths and boardwalks. The trail through the town’s native landscape, parks and public spaces and has 4 fitness stations with exercises for stretching and strength training.

Perhaps you’d like to swim in one of Rosemary Beach’s 4 pools and get a workout while cooling off. Coquina Pool is beach-side and is a lounging pool It is one depth and has no edges and is framed by palm trees. This is a place to relax. The Sky Pool is park-side and is a year round pool. The pool’s metal structure can be open and closed according to the weather. There is radiant heating in the pool decking, creating a warm walking surface during the winter. Cabana pool is park-side and is a great pool for families. There are lots of plantings and landscaping to add to the feeling of privacy. Barbados Pool is designed in French West Indies style and has a vestibule fountain, stucco tower and dramatic entrance.

Riding a bike is the most popular way to get around Rosemary Beach and 30A.Bamboo Bicycle Company

 recreation in rosemary beach, 30a real estate

Rosemary Beach

is located in town and is the place to rent or buy a bike for your family. There are miles of bike paths and trails everywhere on 30A and they are well used . Off road biking is available on the Eastern Lake Biking and Hiking Trail which affords the opportunity to view natural vegetation and wildlife habitats.

The Rosemary Beach Fitness Center a 1620 square foot facility, is on Water Street. All the exercise equipment you could need is there, along with fitness classes and massage treatments. Tennis is popular and the courts are open and lighted for day and evening matches. There is a pro shop on the premises and lessons are available.

Is relaxing on the beach your idea of recreation? Sea Oats Beach Service is on the beach and will rent you umbrellas, beach chairs, sea kayaks, sailboats and hammocks. They also offer surfing, swimming, snorkeling and kayaking classes to those aged 8 and up.

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Pickle’s in Seaside

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Pickle’s in Seaside is the very first place I took myself while enduring the process of moving and unpacking my plunder in my place in Blue Mountain Beach. I remember that I hadn’t eaten for a couple of days and needed to take a bit of a break to eat and to relax. I got in the car, drove to Seaside and chose to stop in at Pickle’s because it smelled so good and looked inviting. I’m glad I did! An hour there and I felt like a new person, ready to get back to the moving in.

If you are coming of the beach and are wet and sandy, and you feel like getting something great to eat, go no further than Pickle’s. Their hamburgers and fries are wonderful and there’s always someone to strike up a conversation with. This winter the restaurant got a bit of a facelift with new paint colors, signs, menu and outdoor decking right on the street for excellent people watching! You nay choose to dine “inside” or around the back to hear the surf and feel the sea breezes, under the shade trees.

Back in the day, the Pickle’s building was one of the first built in Seaside. It was used to show 16mm films at night. Bill and Heavenly Dawson got the idea to turn the building into a place that would serve hot dogs and draft beer. Today, Pickle’s is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days a week and serves burgers, chicken, BLTs, Club sandwiches, Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches and fried pickles. The Dawsons have opened up Wild Bill’s Beach Dogs across the street in one of the airstreams and they have also opened Heavenly Shortcakes and Dawson’s Yogurt in Seaside.

While dining at Pickle’s, it is so convenient to walk the couple of steps and do some shopping at Deja Vu

pickles in seaside, 30a real estate

Pickle's in Seaside

or Perscipasity to work off all that wonderful food you’ve enjoyed.What could be better than a couple hours of dining and shopping in Seaside?!

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