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There are several upcoming events you will want to be aware of and attend. E.O. Wilson Biophilia Center is open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10A.M. until 3P.M. and is offering some interesting presentations for the public. On Saturday, June 30, Mike Kay will conduct two presentations with marine touch tanks to allow you to get up close and personal with marine life. Mr. Kay is a saltwater fish expert and he will talk about the importance of aquaculture and its influence on the conservation of saltwater coral reefs. If you have an aquarium you must attend this session.
On July 7 there will be a presentation on Beekeeping in the Panhandle. Gordon Clauss is a professional beekeeper and the owner of Camp Flower Honey and will be talking about the craft of beekeeping and the importance of bees in Northwest Florida. He will be bringing some of his honey for purchase.
The Biophilia Center offers education on a better understanding of our environment, with a focus on the importance of biodiversity, ecosystems, conservation, preservation and restoration of our natural resources.
You may learn about our coastal dune lakes at Topsail on June 29. Park at the day use area in Santa Rosa Beach and walk to the clubhouse for the meeting. The rogram fee is included in the $6 entrance fee to the park. There will also be a similar program held at Eden Gardens State Park

saltwater fish, 30a real estate

Saltwater Fish

on July 11. Such a nice way to learn something new and enjoy the flowers and landscaping at Eden Gardens!

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