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Do You Know What the Flags Mean?

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It is very important that you pay attention to the flags before you get into the water. At the Walton County beaches there is always a flag flying at the public beach accesses on 30A. Safety is very important so we advise you to learn what the flags mean.

The Green Flag
The green flag means low hazard, calm conditions, and exercise caution

The Yellow Flag
The yellow flag means medium hazard, moderate surf/and or currents

The Red Flag
The red flags means high hazard, high surf/and or strong currents

The Red over Red Flag
The red over red flag means that the water is CLOSED to the public

The Purple Flag
The purple flag means that there is dangerous marine life in the water

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The HUB 30A

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The HUB on 30A is a great night hotspot on the Eastern End of 30A. It is a great family place and it offers many activities year round. There are multiple food trucks and restaurants throughout the HUB. There is always music playing and it is a very family friendly place. They will play all of the major sporting events on their big screen and they offer live music on most nights.

Be ready to empty your wallet when you come because it can get very pricey. They offer adult beverages to the adults and they ID everyone. It is a wonderful place on 30A that everyone should visit when they vacation here. We love the HUB and we will see you there!
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Mike Matz is the broker/owner of Luxury Properties on 30A and has been representing buyers and sellers of luxury real estate since 2007. Our “clients first” business philosophy provides you with the reassurance that every action we put in motion is with your best interest in mind. Our approach is different. We strive for excellence; we take the responsibility our clients give us with abundant gratitude. We’re knowledgeable. We’re enthusiastic. We love what we get to do every day. Living and working in such an amazing area is not taken for granted.

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30a Paradise

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Since the very beginning of time, mankind has demonstrated a special knack for ruining a perfectly decent Paradise. It seems to be somehow ingrained into our genetic code. As picture-perfect as any place may be, we tend to believe that we can somehow improve upon it.

That’s always been the problem with writing about an “undiscovered” piece of pristine paradise—as soon as a few folks learn about it, you can bet that it won’t be too long before there are condo towers, water slides, goofy golfs and loud cannons blasting off to spoil that otherwise serene sunset.

Time and time again, Paradise is lost. Lost to greed, poor execution or just a general lack of vision.

But it would be tough to argue that Florida’s Scenic Highway 30A hasn’t already been discovered. Even though the community only has about 12,000 full-time residents, some 3 million people visit the area every year, mostly during the hot summer months. 30A.com—the digital sage that chronicles life in this small beach town—has over 240,000 Facebook fans. To put that number into some perspective, 30A.com’s following is bigger than the populations of many major U.S. cities, including Birmingham, AL (population: 212,038); Baton Rouge, LA (230,058); Little Rock, AR (195,314); Reno, NV (231,027); Knoxville, TN (180,761); Jackson, MS (175,561) and Tallahassee, FL (182,965).

And Yahoo! recently named 30A one of the 10 BEST BEACH DESTINATIONS in the world. Not in Florida. Not in the Southeast. Not in the United States.

In. The. World.

But although 30A itself may no longer be a secret, there’s certainly a secret formula behind its success. 30A hasn’t somehow magically “retained” its charm. Its charm has been crafted; cultivated. It didn’t happen by accident. In fact, it’s all by design. 

The communities here enthusiastically embrace the simple splendor of the great outdoors. Rather than paving paradise, local visionaries sought early on to protect it. In fact, over 40 percent of the land on this peninsula between the Gulf of Mexico and Choctawhatchee Bay is protected natural habitat. That means there’s over 25,000 acres of undeveloped land here to explore by foot, bike or waterway.

Perhaps the best way to explore local waterways is via Stand-up Paddle Board—or YOLO Boarding as it’s known here, after the  Santa Rosa Beach-based company who helped put paddle boarding on the mainstream map. With the Gulf of Mexico, Choctawhatchee Bay, Intracoastal Canal, rivers and 15 rare coastal dune lakes, 30A is truly a paddler’s paradise..

This is truly an amazing place to live or visit..To describe it does no justice, to witness it’s beauty is breathtaking.

If you happen to visit and see any real estate that interests you please contact us!

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Seaside, Florida

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Seaside, Florida is the unofficial ‘downtown’ of 30A. Seaside

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Seaside, Florida

is always buzzing – morning, noon, or night. It is a picture perfect town that was planned so that residents can get to all it has to offer – restaurants, shops, galleries, friends and neighbors, on foot or by bicycle. Each morning Seaside is active with people who are out running, walking their dogs, meeting for breakfast of coffee, people watching, or simply meeting and greeting others who are enjoying the morning .I like to get coffee at Modica Market and take it to one of the benches in Ruskin Place to bask in the beauty and serenity that surrounds me. It’s a very nice way to begin the day.

Seaside is filled with beachgoers as the day progresses and it’s nice to see everyone walking to the beach for an afternoon of swimming and relaxing in the sun. How nice it is that  families can break for lunch or snacks and have Seaside’s restaurants so close to the beach. The airstreams are busy keeping everyone fed and happy, and there are always people enjoying themselves at Bud and Alley’s which looks right out onto the Gulf. During the evening, Seaside is aglow with outdoor lights, making it seem magical. People are milling about, walking with their families or taking in an outdoor concert or performance. Again, it is so nice to end the evening with a stroll on the beach, looking at the starry sky and listening to the surf. How perfect!

Seaside was the first of its kind and created the model for New Urbanism in the United States. It was planned and executed with narrow streets, picket fences and homes tightly knit to promote a community feel. The outdoor ampitheater is a perfect gathering spot for productions, or a great place for a pick up soccer match. The town has its own tiny Post Office and its own charter middle school.

Some landmarks in Seaside are Bud and Alley’s restaurant, Central Square, Sundog Books, Modica Market, Ruskin Place, Perscipacity outdoor shops and the Airstream eateries. Be sure to park the car and explore this wonderful little town.

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Lovers of Seaside

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There is a couple who are such tremendous lovers of Seaside

seaside, seaside real estate


that they have named one of their children Davis, after Robert Davis, Seaside’s founder. The couple married in Destin in 2006 and honeymooned at Seaside.  Their honeymoon was their first visit to Seaside and they had a wonderful time while they were in town. They had heard about Seaside from a college roommate who had been there and talked about the town so much that Seaside went on the couple’s ‘to do’ list. They fell in love with the town and created many cherished memories while honeymooning.

The next year their first son was born, so they didn’t have an opportunity to revisit Seaside for a couple of years. When they were able to make the trip back to Seaside, they were expecting their second son and wanted to give him a special name with a Seaside significance. Research showed them that Robert Davis was the town’s founder and they decided to name their second son Davis! They are hoping that they will get to meet Robert Davis at some point and talk with him about the town and their wonderful experiences there. I hope the family will return to Seaside often and make their visits a tradition that will continue through the generations!

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South Walton’s Bit of History

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Scenic Grayton Beach

I’m a little bit of a history buff so I took an opportunity and did a little research on the history of South Walton. It seems that our stunning beaches were created by the weathering of the Appalachian Mountains over millions of years. Particles of quartz  from the Appalachians were washed into riverbeds and eventually transported by these rivers to the Gulf of Mexico. The ebb and flow of the water over this long distance broke down these particles and buffed their edges, making the sand as fine as sugar when it finally reached the Florida Panhandle. The reflection of the sun on the white sandy bottom of the Gulf of Mexico creates the water’s brilliant turquoise hue!

There was some activity along the beach. However, the federal government owned much of the land and few people had reason to settle there. The soil was too sandy and the lumber industry was better inland. Port Washington was the closest settlement to the Grayton Beach area. Five years later, William Miller and William Wilson moved their families to the Grayton Beach area and mapped out a town.

Reaching Grayton Beach was not easy due to a lack of bridges and no real roads. But, the Butlers made the trip from De Funiak and decided to stay. The Butler family decided to start a resort and built some cottages and operated a general store and dance hall. As bridges were built, Grayton started booming. And is still booming today.

If you explore Grayton Beach you”ll find a host of lovely shops – many filled with beautiful things for your home. I can tell you that Grayton has a big night life, also. Music fills the air as you pass Pandora’s and we all know about the happenings at the Red  Bar.

I have a feeling that Grayton Beach’s future will be as full as its past as a viable part of 30A!

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Seeing Red Wine Festival in Seaside

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  This weekend is the event everyone has been waiting for – the Fall Wine Festival hosted by Seaside! There are many events from which to choose and they are all fantastic. What could be better than learning about wine, enjoying superb food  and  mingling with wine enthusiasts in a setting as magnificent as Seaside?

Attendees will enjoy a crisp, clear 30A afternoon and gorgeous Saturday. Some will meander over to Watercolor later to enjoy the Telluride Mountain Film Festival which is also having their own wine and food tasting. I guess it’s a good thing that thety can walk from Seaside to Watercolor!!   

SO there you have it…..big, fun things happening on 30A this weekend. Cheers to you……happy weekend SOWAL style!!!!! 


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