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Holiday Time With Mom and Dad

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The Holiday fun continued as we cruised around 30A with Mom and Dad! We shared a really memorable afternoon touring around WaterColor on 30A. We strolled down the butterfly garden path and enjoyed the lush plantings which were marked with the plants’ names to help you  recreate a garden at home. The center of the path has a water fountain and stream which makes the garden so very relaxing and kinetic. It was so pleasant to watch the Monarch butterflies flitting here and there among the  plantings.  Lots of benches and seating areas to take breaks and have a seat for conversation. We walked back to the WaterColor Boathouse and walked out on the boardwalk over the dune lake. Everywhwere we looked there was something to ooh! and ahh! about.We hopped in the car, drove across 30A and took advantage of the boardwalk next to Fish Out of Water to go to the beach. It was lovely – the water was a little wild that day and sent a bit of a thrill through us as we watched the waves. Good day for surfers. My parents made the comment that the folks who did the planning at WaterColor have not overlooked a single detail. And, I certainly agree!

Grayton Beach called to us so we drove down 30A for lunch and came upon Another Broken Egg, a restaurant that serves both breakfast as well as lunch. We are so glad we did. Wow! The food was fantastic and served in a cheery atmosphere by the very nicest waitstaff ever. Mom had crab cake crostini and claimed it to be absolutely amazing. Beau’s was next on our to do list,so we went down the road a few steps and admired all the lovely home accessories that Beau’s has so beautifully displayed. Waterlillies also had a plethera of  crafted items for your home – displayed market style.

Another day we decided to head up to Watersound and enjoyed lunch at Fen’s

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Butterfly Garden at WaterColor

, a little deli – style cafe that is delightful. It’s so bright and cheery, as are its young owners. They also cater Holiday dinners and I have heard that their catering has been very sucessful for the owners as well as the customers. After lunch we walked through Watersound to the boardwalks that lead to the beach. It was nice to walk over the sand dunes and see the Gulf of Mexico and the white beaches. We sat and enjoyed the view and marveled at the fact that the weather was so lovely and warm just a couple of days before Christmas.

Yes, it has been a fantastic experience sharing life on 30A with our parents. It is so nice to live in an area that brings pleasure to so many and it is even nicer to share the pleasure with family and friends!

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Cup by Cup at Amavida Coffe

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It’s always a pleasure – or maybe even almost a luxury- to take a little time for yourself and declare an official break time by stopping in to one of the Amavida Coffee locations and enjoying a cup of sensational coffee. It gives you time to think, to read something, or to meet with friends. Since there is an Amavida shop in Rosemary Beach as well as in Seaside

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Amavida in Rosemary Beach

it’s not a difficult task to get to one of the shops.  I just read an article about Amavida which makes it even sweeter to go for that cup of coffee.

Amavida has joined forces with a Rosemary Beach church and with a Panama City Beach charity to create an international project that changes communities and people’s lives – one cup at a time. They have created a brand of coffee called Cup by Cup to finance the project. The coffee is grown in southern Dominican Republic and is purchased by a beach-based charity called Global Effect. Amavida imports, roasts and packages the coffe at its beach warehouse. The coffee is then marketed to churches in the United States and the proceeds are invested in poor communities in Dominican Republic to create businesses and provide for families and children.

Global effect operates like a non-profit organization, but uses its profits to finance micro-lending to those in need, provide water filtration and purification, help locally owned and operated factories and provide education so people can form their own businesses. This way, people can be helped without receiving handouts  and are proud of the work they do and of their accomplishments.

The next time you stop by Amavida for that coffee break, please think about getting Cup by Cup coffee. You’ll not only enjoy the excellent coffee, you’ll enjoy knowing that you are doing something for others. And that will make your break even sweeter!

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Every Christmas Story Ever Told in Seaside

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Christmas at the Seaside Post Office

The Rep theater  in Seaside is presenting Every Christmas Story Ever Told (and then some!) from December 8 -30. Three actors begin by re-telling a shortened version of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol and decide to add a few twists to the tale  by adding facts about Christmas from around the world. We will watch a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade go very wrong. We will hear every Christmas carol ever written in about 90 seconds. Viewers will hear about Tiny Tim, The Grinch, Ebenezer Scrooge, Rudolph the Red  Nosed Reindeer, and, of course, Frosty the Snowman.

In order to pay homage to the Jimmy Stewart classic film, It’s a Wonderful Life, the actors  manage to combine Marley with Clarence, Angel Third Class and Scrooge with Jimmy Stewart! Now, that takes some talent.

The Seaside Repertory Theater was founded in the spring of 2001 and has attracted some of the finest talent from around the country. The Rep entertains over 25,ooo people each year. The Rep has an indoor home on the stage of the Meeting Hall Theater in downtown Seaside, Fl. The Rep seeks to be the premier arts organization in Northwest Florida by providing programs that will add to the quality of life in our area.

Tickets may be purchased online or by stopping by at Amavida in Seaside or Rosemary Beach. Sounds like an event you will not want to miss!

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12 Days of Christmas at Shops of Ruskin in Seaside

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12 Days of Ruskin at Seaside

It looks as though the Shops at Ruskin in Seaside are the place to do some of your Christmas shopping this year! The artisans of Ruskin have been planning and working to make your retail experience an enjoyable one , with special pricing, door prizes, and lots of holiday cheer in the form of drinks with goodies and nibbles. The 12 Shops of Christmas event is happening from December 3 – 14 from 10 A.M. to 6 P.M. each day.

Ruskin Place is the place to go if you are looking for a unique gift you won’t find anywhere else. A different shop will be featured each day during the 12 days and the  featured shop will have something fun for its customers to make their shopping more fun than ever. Be  prepared to be offered champagne or wine, perhaps assorted cheeses, maybe a few very special holiday tidbits. As a bonus, Modica Market is giving away an entire case of  champagne to each shopper who purchases $25 or more at each of the participating shops! How’s that for an incentive to do your shopping?

The shops will be offering special discounts to their customers and a number of them are giving away prizes to someone very lucky. Ruskin Place will be beautifully decorated and full of holiday cheer. I think it sounds like a nice idea to plan on going, even if you think you have no gifts to purchase. You know how it is. You’ll certainly find that certain something special that is calling to you. Go ahead. You deserve it!

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Hibiscus Coffee and Guesthouse in Grayton Beach

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I was visiting 30A last year with my Mom and Dad and we spent a lot of time either eating or thinking about eating. We were looking for a good place to have a leisurely breakfast. Hibiscus was recommended to us as a place with great, healthy food and an atmosphere that can’t be beat. So very right.

We strolled through the grounds of the restaurant and guesthouse at Grayton Beach and were completely charmed by the beauty and peace which surrounded us. The grounds are the sort of place where you could sit with a book for a couple of hours and be perfectly comfortable, as long as you’re willing to pet one of the house kittys every once in a while.

My parents and I loved the inside of the Hibiscus because it’s filled with vintage furniture and decor that has been collected over the years. We found ourselves fascinated by things that reminded us of the past that served to bring back a lot of memories and discussion. I was especially captivated by all the vintage tablecloths and linens that seem to have been collected during travels. Soon after visiting Hibiscus, I read an article in Martha Stewart Living Magazine about table linens that were collected in exactly this manner – collected from each state that was visited.These linens, of course, have become collectables over the years.

The atmosphere at Hibiscus seems to make for very friendly and conversant people, staff and patrons alike. My parents talked and talked with the folks at the next table who were visiting 30A from Michigan. After a little while, it seemed that they had been old friends, with all the laughing and sharing of stories.. Even if someone came in just for coffee, they gave us a nice hello and smile.

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Scenic Grayton Beach

Makes you feel good!

The food made us feel even better! I wasn’t sure how a vegetarian menu would appeal to my parents, but I can tell you that they loved it! Mom had the waffle with peanut butter and honey, topped with fresh fruit and simply raved about it. Dad and I each had fitattas which were amazing. The entire meal was such a pleasant experience.

I’d like to go to Hibiscus one night to attend Backyard of Love and listen to some music and enjoy great food. The events happen on Sundays as well as every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month. Seems like a pleasant and relaxing way to spend some time. Which just about sums up the Hibuscus – a pleasant and relaxing way to spend some time.

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Watercolor on 30A

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The communities that dot 30A never cease to amaze me and Watercolor is no exception! On this glorious day, I took some time to explore the wonder that is Watercolor and I can honestly say that I did not want to leave. I am a person who is a great admirer of thoughtful planning, excellent design that appeals to all the senses, and  attention to the details that make a project magnificent. I am, therefore, an admirer of Watercolor.

The neighborhoods that are Watercolor are a pleasure in many respects. They are a pleasure to stroll through, a pleasure to look at, and a pleasure to live in. The homes are planned with cohesive designs in accordance with the architecture of Watercolor, yet each home is unique. It is evident that homeowners take pride in their properties and have made them places of beautiful retreat. Each home has a feeling of privacy, I think due to the natural and planned landscaping surrounding each home. Trails lead from neighborhood to neighborhood and to the community’s ammenities. The green spaces are amazing with lawns, gardens, resting places, playing areas, meeting spots, places to walk dogs, and lots of water features. So many places to relax and take time for yourself or to sit and talk with a friend.

I drove slowly through the community and made a few stops at some of the ammenities. The boardwalk by the boat house led me out over the lake and lily pads. I loved the water fountain and stream with gardens along its banks. Camp Watercolor looks like a fun and safe place for kids to spend time on structured activities and swimming. Tennis courts are available to residents. I saw the outdoor ampitheater and Cerulian Park  with lots of green space in which to play. I learned that over 50% of watercolor is dedicated to green space – very impressive.

The centrally located Town Center has an impressive number of shops  for your retail therapy moments. Across 30A I saw the Beach Club

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Green Space at Watercolor

and the boardwalk called to me. What a lovely view of the Gulf of Mexico and Watercolor’s white beach! The Beach Club is impressive and has a swimming pool with Gulf views. What a way to spend the day! The fitness center is located there as well. Fish Out of Water, a fine restaurant is located here, too. Diners have a spectacular view of the beach, the Gulf and the sand dunes with their natural vegetation.

Luxury Properties on 30A has a listing for a home that is under construction im Watercolor located at 277 Western Lake Drive. We visited the property yesterday and were able to get a real feel for the home it is going to become.Wow! Check out our videos on Living Life on 30A – we made a couple of them at the job site. Let us know if you’d like some information on this amazing home.


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Bud, a part of Seaside history

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30A's Beach

I’ve been reading about Bud, a Dachshund, who was one of Seaside’s town founders. It seems that Robert and Daryl Davis, who belonged to Bud, took some of the credit for the creation of Seaside as well. Bud would go to work with Robert every day, accepting rides in Robert’s bike basket. Bud headed up meetings and inspected the building sites as Seaside was built. Offered his opinions. Kept things tidy by cleaning up food scraps that may have ben left by carpenters. Yes, Bud worked hard back in the day. Every one knew Bud and I’m sure every one loved Bud. He made daily visits to Modica Market and to the town’s restaurants as well. Probably a quality control measure on his part.

Bud was immortalized when the owners of Bud and Alley’s chose him as part of the restaurant’s name and decided on his image as their icon.

Bud enjoyed the sun and long naps at Perspicasity, a clothing and accessories market. He received a lot of attention, compliments and pats while there. Made lots of friends.

Bud lived an unbelievable 21 years. He is a part of Seaside history. If you stop by Seaside Kids you can see Bud’s silhouette depicted by dots. His image can be seen on T shirts and hats. Adult sizes Bud items can be found at Seaside Classic store across the street.

I wonder if Bud ever ran for mayor?

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