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30A Hosts Songwriters Festival

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30A songwriters fest

Once again 30A is hosting the (8th annual) Songwriters Festival from January 13 to 16th.  Just a few of the artists are: John Prine, Cheap Trick, Dr. John, Shawn Colvin, Matthew Sweet and Todd Snider.  Plus many of our own “local” songwriters!  There are approximately 175 Songwriters participating.  There are many locations to enjoy some of these artists.  The 30A Songwriters Festival production team has transformed amphitheaters, town halls, restaurants, theaters, bars and covered patios into unique music venues ranging in capacity from 75 to 500 seats indoors and 5,000 outdoors.  Festival weekend passes are available for $275 and can be purchased at www.30asongwritersfestival.com, and locally in South Walton at the Cultural Arts Alliance office and at Central Square Records in Seaside.

And while you are in the area and thinking about purchasing your dream beach home, call or text or email us today!

Click here for more info on LP30A


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Grayton Beach State Park on 30A

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Amazing Grayton Beach

I am very appreciative of  all the National and State Parks  that are maintained for each of us who cares to explore them – and I hope you do explore them. I am especially appreciative of this country’s parks systems because I know that the  funding has been severely decreased  to these agencies and the cost of operating our National and State Parks may become prohibitive in the future.

We are fortunate to have such a park right in our own back yard – Grayton Beach State Park! The nearly 2,000 acre park provides us with pristine beaches for swimming, sunning, and sunset watching. The Park boasts a 4 mile off road trail for hiking or biking which trails through natural communities. Take your binoculars for wild life viewing and bird watching. There is a boat ramp available on Western Lake. Bring your kayak or canoe and explore the backwaters of Western Lake, a 10 acre lake surrounded by the natural areas of the park.

Enjoy fishing for saltwater species in the Gulf of Mexico’s surf , or try to catch a few fresh and saltwater fish in Western Lake’s brackish water. Then, enjoy lunch at a large picnic pavillion which overlooks the Gulf of Mexico. Public showers are provided for all visitors.

Overnight facilities are also availabe for visitors. Grayton Beach State Park offers 30 modern cabins for reasonable rent and you may choose to stay for 2 nights or rent your cabin by the week. To ensure that you are really “getting away from it all,” the cabins do not offer television phones or internet services.The cabins are equipped with central heating, a gas fireplace, central cooling, a kitchen with basic cooking and dining utensils, screened in porch and an outdoor grill. Linens, pillows, blankets and towels are also provided for guests.

Camping facilities are provided at the park for tent or RV camping. Pets are welcome in the campground! And, of course campers are provided with electricity, restroom and hot showers.

Adjoining the campground is an ampitheater. Rangers lead interpretive programs on the lake peninsula during summer months.

I do hope you make good use of Grayton Beach State Park. As a state operated park, you really do own a piece of it . Make it a big part of your back yard, too.

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30A’ s Treasure–Dune Lakes

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Dune Lake



The drive along 30A is referred to as scenic in part because of the gorgeous dune lakes that dot both sides of  the road. I find myself slowing down whenever I come upon one of these dune lakes because they are  so lovely and so rare. Often the cyclists take a little break from pedaling when they cross the lakes and take time to marvel at their beauty.

I knew these lakes are special so I took some time and did a bit of research to learn more about them. I found that they are formed by the wind which erodes rock and redristributes the  sands that form these lakes. The  dune lakes of SoWal have both beach and dune sand mixed with silt  and different formations of clay. The lakes are usually shallow, averaging about 5 feet and were formed between 2 – 10 thousand years ago. They are permanent waterbodies, although their water levels fluctuate due to rain. The dunes themselves range in height from a couple of feet to about 30 feet and act to separate the lakes fom the gulf.

These dune lakes are unique because in the U S they are found only along the Gulf Coast. They sometimes have passes that open to the Gulf Of Mexico so they become a mixture of salt and fresh water. This mixture of water creates distinct ecosystems found only here.

Every now and then, the lake’s water level receives enough rain to cause “blow out” of the lake and the lake will release water into the Gulf and create an estruary. When the water level recedes, the estruary seems to disappear until the time the level rises. The areas in which this happens are considered unstable and are subject to storms and shifting sands.

The lakes are an important source  of fresh water to migrating birds  and beach organisms.

From west  to east the lakes along 30A are Stallworth Lake, Lake Allen, Oyster Lake, Draper Lake, Big Red Fish Lake, Western Lake, Eastern Lake, Deer Lake, Camp Creek Lake.

Walton County has imposed strict building codes to protect these bodies of water and their ecosystems. Please, take some time to appreciate the natural beauty and significance of these dune lakes the next time you venture down Scenic 30A.



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Lots of Happiness on 30A!

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I saw a lot of things all along 30A yesterday that brought a smile to my face – in fact some of them made me laugh! I was driving up 30A and there was a bunch of boys, about 15 of them, who were zipping up the bike path and they were all riding skateboards or scooters. I passed by them in the Seagrove Beach area and they stretched out for about a half mile – some were faster than others. I could hear them hooting and shouting and laughing. The very last two kids were down on their knees on their skateboards and were”paddling’ them with sawed off broomsticks! They were having a blast and getting a lot of exercise, all in the name of fun. It made me feel good to see these kids outdoors and playing after school because there aren’t a lot of kids who get out and play anymore. How refreshing to watch them. I bet they enjoyed their dinners when they got home!

I always feel good when I stop in the Publix at Watercolor. I’d say it’s due to the associates who work there. They are so helpful, cheerful and friendly and really make customers feel kind of special. They make the task of grocery shopping a pleasure and I am grateful for that. I hope other customers appreciate them – and tell them!

I smiled when I saw an older couple strolling the shops at Grayton Beach and they were holding hands. How nice is that?

I downright laughed when I threw the pine cone about 150 times for Roxy, the Black Lab office manager here at Luxury Properties on 30A.  It’s a game she never tires of and neither do I. She pounces and leaps after the cone and I swear she chucks the cone at me when she brings it back. Might have to get a scout in to look her over for the Big Leagues.

The thing that probably made me feel the most happiness  happened with my Blue Mountain Beach

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Gulf of Mexico Evenings

Golden Retriever, Scouty .After dark we walked the block, crossed 30A,  went to the Gulf of Mexico and hung out on the beach. It was just the two of us, the sand, the ocean and the stars.It was so good to be able to do something like that with him. He played in the water and got his paws wet and sandy – which came home with us – and had a super time. The sand is still here and there in the house, but who cares? It’s worth a little sand in the house to have had such a good time together.

I’d say that happiness is everywhere all along 30A. All you have to do is look for it and you’re sure to find it!



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Rosemary Beach Hosts Flutterby Festival for Children!

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This weekend, November 12 and 13, Rosemary Beach will host a special arts event for children! Why is this event called Flutterby? It is called Flutterby in honor of the annual migration of Monarch butterflies through the area – have you noticed as many as I have?

The festival will offer a lot of exciting activities for the children to participate in along Rosemary Beach’s  South Barrett Square, Main Street and Western Green. Kids, young and old, come from all over South Walton to enjoy this special day. The Flutterby Festival is sponsored by the Merchants of Rosemary Beach. The festival will take place between 10:00A.M. and 4:00 P.M. on both days.

Kids will enjoy vendors, interactive storytelling, artists, music and exhibitors. Families may participate in games, hula hooping, face painting and mural painting. Kids may make their own butterfly wings and wear the proudly in the butterfly parade each afternoon at 3:00.

A master gardener will demonstrate the creation of a butterfly garden and kids may take home a butterfly plant to plant at home to start their own butterfly garden. They may also decorate a flower pot and plant seeds in their pot to take home and nurture.

Walton County schoolchildren will have butterfly paintings of their creation on display. for all to enjoy – paintings by the hundreds!. How proud they must be!

The East Green will host the first ever Cottages for Kids. The cottages are plathouses which will be raffled on November 26. The proceeds from the raffle will benefit the  Children’s Volunteer Health Network. What little one wouldn’t love their very own playhouse?

Rosemary Beach vendors and restaurants will offer meals, snacks and sweets to attendees.

And admission to the festival is free! Now you just can’t beat that! Perhaps we’ll see you there – with wings on!


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Rosemary Beach Lauded in Boston Herald

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Moira McCarthy, a writer for the Boston Herald was so impressed by her getaway to Rosemary Beach on 30A that she was compelled to write an article for the newspaper  about her vacation and encouraging others to visit 30A’s beaches and enjoy all the Gulf of Mexico has to offer.

She was impressed that she could fly from Boston so easily to the North West Florida Beaches International Airport and arrive in Rosemary Beach within minutes.  She was immediatly taken by Rosemary’s homes and thoughtful architecture. She described the area as being both homey and elegant, and I certainly agree with her.

I was glad to read that she and her husband enjoyed the offerings of area restaurants and found them charming  as well as delicious. She noted about the friendliness of the people and hopefully made some lifelong friends.

One of the highlights of her visit was a surprise to her and her husband. They kayaked into the Gulf and found themselves paddling with dolphins! It sounds like a dream!

It always makes me smile to see people who visit 30A and watch them have a wonderful time.When are you coming to 30A to have your wonderful time?


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