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Dogs on 30A

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Do you have dogs on 30A? We have found some great tips to help you optimize your pet’s beach experience, starting with Bow Wow Meow Pet Company. Bow Wow Meow is a holistic dog and cat specialty shop in Seagrove Beach, and is featured in Luxury Properties on 30A’s Lifestyle Videos page this week, where you can also find other videos about living life on 30A. Bow Wow Meow has self-washing stations, food, toys, and super cute accessories, right down to jewelry and ties for your mutts! However, Bow Wow Meow isn’t the only pet-focused business on 30A. www.thedogsof30a.com is a great resource where you can find pet-friendly accommodations, pet services, special pet events, as well as their own line of 30A gear for your pet. The dogs on 30A gear is available online and in store at Furry Fanatics, located in Gulf Place Town Center, which is the place to go for all your pet-related shopping if you happen to be towards the West side of 30A. There is also 30A Vet and Dapper Dog Grooming right in Gulf Place, so every need is met. In addition to these local companies, Walton County allows dogs on their beaches with a license. You have to be a Walton County resident, and it costs $40 a year for each dog, but if you are a full-time or even part-time resident with a beach-loving mutt, that’s a small price to pay to see a happy tail wagging while playing fetch in the Gulf.

Hope to see you and your furry friends around dog-friendly 30A! — LP30

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30A Mason Jars, Just in time for summer!

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Every true Southerner knows that it’s not a REAL party, unless you find yourself sipping from a mason jar. The problem is, glass just isn’t cool at the beach, or on a boat or out by the pool.

Problem solved….

Our new 25-ounce Plastic 30A Mason Jars not only let you take the fun anywhere, they even come with color-coded jar lids and straws, so you can keep your drinks straight as the party goes on.

There won’t be another breakthrough in Southern Drinking Technology like this for at least another 25 years!

You can find these cute affordable mason jars at 30agear.com for $13.95 each.


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30A Dog Tales

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Literally, everywhere you look on 30A you see folks walking their dogs – a sign of good people, to me. I talked to a few of them and thought I’s share their stories with you.

At Pickles, a restaurant in Seaside on 30A, a couple sat outside having lunch with their little dog perched on Mom’s lap.”We got Charlotte from the Humane Society four years ago. She was skittish at first so we think she was abused. And look at her now!” Charlotte has bright eyes and a long silky white coat. She was enjoying the nibbles that Mom was giving her from her lunch. You’d never suspect she may have been abused from the way she expects and accepts pats from passers by.

Bob walked briskly by on the bike path that runs the length of 30A with Boomer, a Yellow Lab mix who was filled with happy energy.”I got Boomer when my son divorced and had to give up the dog. He had just turned two and was quite a handful. He was as big as he is now, but still acted like a pup.” Boomer sat by Bob’s side as we spoke.”We live in Grayton Beach which is just perfect for a big guy like Boomer. And it’s perfect for a guy like me!’ Boomer seemed to agree.

Knox, an intelligent and very well trained Black Lab, lives next door in Blue Mountain Beach. Karen’s former dog died and she swore she’d never have another.As the months went by, Karen started thinking that if she ever had another dog, she’d name it Knox. Next thing she knew, she took the leap and she got her dog! Knox loves to swim in the Gulf of Mexico and chase the tennis ball around the green at Gulf Place. Karen can’t imagine life without her buddy. Knox agrees.

Sugar Bear, a Golden Retriever mix, seems to have two owners.Owner number one is an older lady who lives in Blue Mountain Beach . Her neighbor. Kieth, walks Sugar Bear a couple times a day – an arrangement all three of them seem to love. Sugar Bear was a rescue dog and was fortunate enough to fall into a really good situation. He gets a lot of attention from both owners – or does he own them?

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