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Its name “Watercolor“, is derived from the emerald-green hue of the water, which is a result of the sand – made of pure Appalachian quartz – reflecting the sunlight through the surf. With so many amenities, this resort area is located on the northwest coastline of the Gulf of Mexico in the Florida panhandle. Have you ever wondered why this area is called the “panhandle” of Florida? Could it be that if you look at the state of Florida, it has a sliver of land to the west that looks – like the handle of a pan!! LOL

There are four fabulous places to grab a quick bite, relax with friends or enjoy a luscious meal. The resort offers beach bonfires that are available March–January, including beach chairs, s’mores, and bottled waters for up to 30 people.  Bonfires take place on the beach at the bottom of the West Boardwalk, which is adjacent to the WaterColor Beach Club and Mid Boardwalk, located on the east side of the WaterColor Inn.

Imagine A Beautiful Beach Wedding On Florida’s Gulf Coast

Watercolor has a long tradition of extraordinary weddings. As you imagine your wedding day, consider celebrating at an intimate 60-room getaway that flawlessly merges modern sophistication with authentic Southern hospitality. Your guests will be enchanted by an immaculate ribbon of private beach, uninterrupted Gulf of Mexico views and nearly 500 acres of undisturbed coastal beauty.

Unwind At The Spa 

You can select from an artful combination of body treatments for both women and men that are simple yet sumptuous. An array of refining facials and masks invokes natural enzymes, active botanicals and sea extracts to restore overall harmony and improved texture to your skin. The full collection of massage therapies restores circulation, eases muscle tension and enhances wellbeing as you unwind under the perceptive, artful touch of our highly skilled massage therapists. A full line of manicures, pedicures and wax treatments will leave you polished and ready for your close up. We can even suggest treatments customized to your individual needs – whether your priority is to reduce stress, boost your focus or improve your appearance. With views of the pristine sand dunes, the spa draws on the beauty and tranquility of its surroundings to create a holistic experience for body, mind and soul.

At Luxury Properties on 30A we serve our clients with the utmost respect, honesty, and highest level of communication.  Everyday we strive to bring an enthusiasm and excitement to our efforts that rivals the feeling we all had when we visited 30A for the very first time.


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The sixth annual 30A Wine Festival, hosted by the Alys Foundation, will take place on Thursday, March 9 through Sunday, March 12, 2017. The 30A Wine Festival is a must-experience venue for the vintner’s craft and the culinary arts.  On an even larger scale, is the reason behind the event.  This year the Wine Festival will be supporting the Children’s Volunteer Health Network, a non-profit dedicated to providing access to health services for children in Walton and Okaloosa counties. The four-day event features a bourbon and barbecue tasting, wine seminars, grand tasting event, and a croquet tournament.

The FEST will feature several venues in Alys Beach, they are:

Caliza Restaurant – Thursday, March 9

Central Park at Alys Beach – Friday, March 10 & Saturday, March 11

Kelly Green at Alys Beach – Friday, March 10 & Sunday, March 12

South Charles Street – Saturday, March 11


Wine Festival






Tickets are available for purchase online and at NEAT, Fonville Press, The Alys Shoppe, and

the Alys Beach Bike Shop.  For more info, visit 30A Wine Festival.com





We hope to see you there!


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Bastide – a Little Bit of Europe on 30A

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We took some time today to drive to the west end of 30A in search of a shop I read about and just had to see, Bastide. I saw photos of the shop and read about the shop im Vie Magazine and my interest was piqued immediately.

Bastide was a little challenging to find because it’s tucked off 30A, across from Butler Middle School. But, upon arrival, I was so glad I made the effort to find it! As you approach the shop you first notice what appears to be a lovely garden through the wrought iron gate. There, for sale, is a variety of plantings of all sizes to add to your garden or interior decor. Today they were decorated for the upcoming Holiday Season.

As you enter the door to the shop you are immediately transported to a European village and feel that you should have a cup of tea. Or you should rest a bit before heading out to the nearest art museum. The rooms to the shop have a lovely romantic feel and are beautifully merchandised. It’s the kind of place where you want to slow down, take your time and really look at everything.

Bastide specializes in garden design for inside a home as well as outside. The store offers a variety of antiques, home accessories, pottery, linens, fragrances and soothing bath products. These are things you will want for yourself  and are things that would be a much appreciated gift for someone special.

Please visit Bastide the next time you feel the need to do something nice for yourself. You’ll be glad you did!

To get to the shop, travel west on 30A. Continue through Grayton Beach, Blue Mountain Beach,and Gulf Place. Bastide is across the street from the middle school.

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30A Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving Day on 30A was wonderful in so many ways! A huge part of my enjoyment of the day was due to all the happy families who made the choice to spend the long weekend at the beach – a wise choice, in my opinion. You couldn’t ask for better weather or more sunshine. True beach weather and it was delightful!

I got out and about in the morning and the bike path that runs the length of 30A was teeming with families on bikes and couples walking. The runners were out in full force, I guess working off their impending Thanksgiving dinners – smart move, runners! Lots of families sat outside and had breakfast at The Broken Egg in Grayton Beach and it looked like Amavida Coffee was doing a booming business.

Back home in Blue Mountain Beach I spent some time with Scouty, my Golden Retriever, did a few small chores, read a little and prepared to spend the rest of the holiday with Mike at his new home on Camp Creek Lake. Camp Creek Lake is a few miles up 30A between Seagrove Beach and Alys Beach.

It is so lovely and peaceful at his place. We spent some time sitting out on his lake dock and listened to the fish jump – splash!- and they’re gone. His neighbors across the lake were having a blast – lots of laughter and happiness over there! Dad and a couple of kids got out the YOLO boards and paddled around the lake. A few folks cruised by in their kayaks and you just knew that they were filled with contentment as they enjoyed all the beauty surrounding them.

Along with stick throwing for Roxy, the Black Lab Office Manager for Luxury Properties on 30A, fire building and watching, and visiting with friends, there was a lot of cooking going on in the house. And, I must say, it was good! The organic turkey was scrunptious and came from Fresh Markettoprealtor30a, 30ahomes, mikematz, lp30a, beachhomes , 30arealestate in Destin. Fresh Market is a  beautifully soothing,. small, specialized grocery store that offers organic and healthy food to its customers. I would highly suggest you stop by and make a purchase or two.

As the day wound down and we found a little room for pumpkin mousse by the fire, we took some time to talk about the things for which we are thankful. We have so very many good things in our lives  and it’s nice to have a special holiday for reflection on those good things. I’ll not share all of my list with you, but I will tell you that I am very thankful to have spent Thanksgiving as a new “local” here in the paradise that is known as 30A.

I love “Living Life on 30A!”.

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Rosemary Beach

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Rosemary Beach

On the western end of 30A is the beach town of Rosemary Beach – and what a town it is! Rosemary was developed in 1995, but was created to have a feeling of the past, basically through its architecture and thoughtful town planning. The town’s 650 homes are reminiscent of homes in New Orleans, Charleston and the West Indies.

Rosemary is a residential community as well as a vacation destination for those who might be more apt to rent a residence for a week or two. Vacationers are able to enjoy all the ammenities in this upscale community which include free court time at the tennis club, and free access to the fitness center. A lot of people take advantage of the  Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport in Panama City which is only a 20 minute drive from here.

Rosemary Beach was actually named for the wild rosemary that that grows  in the area. The town has lots of green spaces which give it a park-like feeling and Rosemary’s downtown is within walking distance of the residences. Most people choose to walk or ride bikes to visit the shops and restaurants.

The beach is accessable by way of boardwalks that cross protected sand dunes with natural vegetation. It is not unusual to spot dolphins playing in the water and many folks love to launch kayaks , YOLO boards and surfboards in the shallows.

There are nine restaurants in Rosemary. An excellent place to enjoy fresh Gulf seafood is Restaurant Paradis. Cowgirl Kitchen offers a more casual atmosphere and menu. A lot of diners choose to enjoy their dessert at La Creme Tapas & Chocolate.

There are 18 shops in Rosemary Beach you will want to explore. I love bath products, so Patchouli‘s is the shop for me!  Pick up a little gift or two for the folks back home at Rosemary Beach Trading Co. Rent a bike at Bamboo Bicycle Company.

I can’t wait for next summer when Coastal Living Magazine will build its 15th aniversary show home here at Rosemary. Can’t wait to see it!

Please be sure to add Rosemary Beach to your “bucket list” – you’ll want to stay. And, when you do, call us here at LP30A. We love to make new friends!

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South Walton’s Bit of History

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Scenic Grayton Beach

I’m a little bit of a history buff so I took an opportunity and did a little research on the history of South Walton. It seems that our stunning beaches were created by the weathering of the Appalachian Mountains over millions of years. Particles of quartz  from the Appalachians were washed into riverbeds and eventually transported by these rivers to the Gulf of Mexico. The ebb and flow of the water over this long distance broke down these particles and buffed their edges, making the sand as fine as sugar when it finally reached the Florida Panhandle. The reflection of the sun on the white sandy bottom of the Gulf of Mexico creates the water’s brilliant turquoise hue!

There was some activity along the beach. However, the federal government owned much of the land and few people had reason to settle there. The soil was too sandy and the lumber industry was better inland. Port Washington was the closest settlement to the Grayton Beach area. Five years later, William Miller and William Wilson moved their families to the Grayton Beach area and mapped out a town.

Reaching Grayton Beach was not easy due to a lack of bridges and no real roads. But, the Butlers made the trip from De Funiak and decided to stay. The Butler family decided to start a resort and built some cottages and operated a general store and dance hall. As bridges were built, Grayton started booming. And is still booming today.

If you explore Grayton Beach you”ll find a host of lovely shops – many filled with beautiful things for your home. I can tell you that Grayton has a big night life, also. Music fills the air as you pass Pandora’s and we all know about the happenings at the Red  Bar.

I have a feeling that Grayton Beach’s future will be as full as its past as a viable part of 30A!

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Lots of Happiness on 30A!

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I saw a lot of things all along 30A yesterday that brought a smile to my face – in fact some of them made me laugh! I was driving up 30A and there was a bunch of boys, about 15 of them, who were zipping up the bike path and they were all riding skateboards or scooters. I passed by them in the Seagrove Beach area and they stretched out for about a half mile – some were faster than others. I could hear them hooting and shouting and laughing. The very last two kids were down on their knees on their skateboards and were”paddling’ them with sawed off broomsticks! They were having a blast and getting a lot of exercise, all in the name of fun. It made me feel good to see these kids outdoors and playing after school because there aren’t a lot of kids who get out and play anymore. How refreshing to watch them. I bet they enjoyed their dinners when they got home!

I always feel good when I stop in the Publix at Watercolor. I’d say it’s due to the associates who work there. They are so helpful, cheerful and friendly and really make customers feel kind of special. They make the task of grocery shopping a pleasure and I am grateful for that. I hope other customers appreciate them – and tell them!

I smiled when I saw an older couple strolling the shops at Grayton Beach and they were holding hands. How nice is that?

I downright laughed when I threw the pine cone about 150 times for Roxy, the Black Lab office manager here at Luxury Properties on 30A.  It’s a game she never tires of and neither do I. She pounces and leaps after the cone and I swear she chucks the cone at me when she brings it back. Might have to get a scout in to look her over for the Big Leagues.

The thing that probably made me feel the most happiness  happened with my Blue Mountain Beach

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Gulf of Mexico Evenings

Golden Retriever, Scouty .After dark we walked the block, crossed 30A,  went to the Gulf of Mexico and hung out on the beach. It was just the two of us, the sand, the ocean and the stars.It was so good to be able to do something like that with him. He played in the water and got his paws wet and sandy – which came home with us – and had a super time. The sand is still here and there in the house, but who cares? It’s worth a little sand in the house to have had such a good time together.

I’d say that happiness is everywhere all along 30A. All you have to do is look for it and you’re sure to find it!



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Rosemary Beach Lauded in Boston Herald

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Moira McCarthy, a writer for the Boston Herald was so impressed by her getaway to Rosemary Beach on 30A that she was compelled to write an article for the newspaper  about her vacation and encouraging others to visit 30A’s beaches and enjoy all the Gulf of Mexico has to offer.

She was impressed that she could fly from Boston so easily to the North West Florida Beaches International Airport and arrive in Rosemary Beach within minutes.  She was immediatly taken by Rosemary’s homes and thoughtful architecture. She described the area as being both homey and elegant, and I certainly agree with her.

I was glad to read that she and her husband enjoyed the offerings of area restaurants and found them charming  as well as delicious. She noted about the friendliness of the people and hopefully made some lifelong friends.

One of the highlights of her visit was a surprise to her and her husband. They kayaked into the Gulf and found themselves paddling with dolphins! It sounds like a dream!

It always makes me smile to see people who visit 30A and watch them have a wonderful time.When are you coming to 30A to have your wonderful time?


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A Wonderful 30A Beach Wedding

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I was so pleased to attend my Blue Mountain Beach  neighbors’ wedding at Destin Beach this Saturday – my first beach wedding ever! It was all I expected, and more. The day was spectacular with temperatures in the 70s. The Gulf  of Mexico’s colors were absolutely breathtaking – almost like a dream. Combine all that with sugary white sands and a clear blue sky and you’ve  got all the ingredients for a perfect wedding day.

It was so nice to meet the guests who traveled from just about everywhere to enjoy the wedding and the beach. A lot  of them flew into Panama City Beach on Southwest Airlines and commented on how convenient and easy it was to get here. Everyone loved the  fabulous food and drinks and the feeling of happiness that flowed from Caleb and Karen, the bride and groom. Lots of dancing, lots of good music and lots of love shared by the happy couple.

I am so glad I was able to enjoy Caleb and Karen’s spectacular day with them and I wish them  all the happiness in the world!

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Seeing Red Wine Festival in Seaside

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  This weekend is the event everyone has been waiting for – the Fall Wine Festival hosted by Seaside! There are many events from which to choose and they are all fantastic. What could be better than learning about wine, enjoying superb food  and  mingling with wine enthusiasts in a setting as magnificent as Seaside?

Attendees will enjoy a crisp, clear 30A afternoon and gorgeous Saturday. Some will meander over to Watercolor later to enjoy the Telluride Mountain Film Festival which is also having their own wine and food tasting. I guess it’s a good thing that thety can walk from Seaside to Watercolor!!   

SO there you have it…..big, fun things happening on 30A this weekend. Cheers to you……happy weekend SOWAL style!!!!! 


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