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4th of July in Seaside

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This year’s 4th of July festivities in Seaside looks like a wonderful way to enjoy the day with your family and friends! Seaside is providing us with a parade, live entertainment and fireworks to make this a fun filled day for all! .On Sunday, July 4th, the Annual South Walton 4th of July Parade

4th of July in Seaside

will begin at 8A.M. at Seagrove Plaza and will end at the Seaside Ampitheater. We’ll get to enjoy an old-fashioned community parade of people, dogs and vehicles dressed in holiday garb. Judges in Seaside will select the winning entries and hand out prizes. Everyone is invited to participate – hop on your scooter, golf cart, bike or create a float and join in the parade fun.

Seaside Ampitheater will be the scene for music from 30A Radio until 11A.M. along with face painting and lots of other fun. The celebration will continue in the evening with Stars and Stripes at Seaside at 7P.M. with live music for all and the fantastic fireworks display at 9P.M. They are best viewed from the beach in front of Seaside Pavillion and will be choreographed  by 30A Radio. If you really love fireworks and are not satisfied with only one display, Bud & Alley’s will host a display on the beach behind their restaurant on Friday night at 9P.M.

All of this sounds like a wonderful way to spend the 4th of July holiday and enjoy yourself as you celebrate our nation’s birthday!

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Rosemary Beach Real Estate Market Report

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I’ve been spending more and more time in Rosemary Beach, enjoying all it has to offer, and started wondering how real estate sales have been going there during the last couple of years. I came back to the ofice here at Luxury Properties on 30A and did a little research. Thought I’d share what I learned with you.

I checked out single family homes and condos that have sold in 2009, 2010, and 12011 to the present. It seems to me that there is a positive trend for real estate sales. Read on and see what you think.

In 2009, 19 single family homes were sold at an average of $548.17 per square foot and were on the market for an average of 443 days. 3 condos sold that year at an average of$ 322.38 per square foot and were on the market for an average of 531 days.

In 2010, 38 homes were sold at an average of $417.62 per square foot and were on the market for 367 days. 12 condos were sold , averaging  $322.29 per square foot, They averaged 327 days on the market.

So far, in 2011, 34 homes have been sold and averaged $632.00 per square foot. Average days on the market was 215 days. So far this year, 22 condos have sold at an average of $336.66 per square footand spent an average of 255 days on the market.

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Watersound Beach and Seacrest Beach – Amazing!

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Yesterday afternoon we went to preview a few properties for potential buyers who are coming to 30A this weekend and our first stop was at Watersound Beach, just a couple miles up 30A from our office. I find the Watersound Beach community to be a most amazing place. Watersound is a gated community that is situated right on the Gulf of Mexico. A lot of thought, planning and creativity went into the design of the residences – they remind me of Nantucket. Each home is so charming and gracious with thoughtful landscaping and carriage houses. The community boasts two swimming pools and a Puttering Park with 18 holes for golfers. Even if you aren’t a golfer, Puttering Park is a great place to go for a walk and enjoy the trees and natural vegetation -very peaceful.

I think that one of the things that impresses me the most about Watersound would be the boardwalks that sort of connect the residences to each other and to the many ammenities that are offered to residents. These boardwalks also meander to the beach and weave through and over the whitest sand dunes that make you feel you are in another world. The dunes are spotted with natural vegetation and sea grasses and are a sight to see. The boardwalk dips up and down and, suddenly, you look down and there’s the Gulf of Mexico and and the widest and whitest beaches I have ever seen! The view honestly took my breath away and I never wanted to leave. Working for Luxury Properties on 30A certainly does have some advantages, doesn’t it?

Our next stop was in Seacrest Beach a couple of miles up 30A from Watersound. Seacrest’s neighborhood streets are thoughtfully lined with huge palm trees and set the tone for the community.One of the things that attracts me to Seacrest would be the fact that the homes all have large porches and balconies that open onto the sidewalk and roads. I can picture families spending breezy, warm nights on the porches, lounging in comfortable chairs, sharing ice cream and greeting passers by. Seacrest is the perfect neighborhood for evening strolls and stopping to chat with friends – kind of like Mayberry! I also saw La Cocina, a restaurant in Seacrest Beach that I heard has excellent food. I can’t wait to try it now that I know where it is!

I must say that I love exploring 30A and learning about all the communities that are scattered here and there. I enjoy learning about 30A’s food offerings and unique, quaint shops. I hpope you spend time here and love it as much as I do. Be sure to stop by to visit us here at Luxury Properties on 30A and let’s go to lunch!

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Watersound's beach and boardwalks


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Honeymooners on 30A

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Today has been a great day, in part because I had a most delicious lunch at George’s in Alys Beach on 30A and met Tyler and Katie.Tyler and Katie were married over the weekend in Nashville and are honeymooning in Seaside. They chose to spend their time here because Seaside is where they met when they were young  kids.

“Our parents each own homes in Seaside and became really good friends. They would plan their visits to their beach homes so they could spend time together and their kids could play together. This way, they’d always have someone to cook out with, go to the beach with and go out to dinner with. Our dads always played golf at the Camp Creek Glolf Club and our moms spent some of their time going to lunch and taking the kids shopping at the shops all along 30A. They always felt justified with their purchases since their husbands were golfing. We all had a really good time,” said Katie.

According to Tyler, he never suspected he’d fall in love with Katie, whom he described as being a bit bossy as a little girl. He just thought she was a lot of fun because she loved to ride the waves on the Gulf of Mexico and could throw a mean Frisbee on the beach.

“We just had good old – fashioned fun when we were at Seaside, running around, eating good seafood, going to Heavenly for ice cream. You know, typical stuff kids like to do. And we were always safe here so our parents could have fun, too, and not have to worry about us all the time,” said Tyler.

“I guess our relationship began to grow when we were about 16 and would Email each other all the time. I could tell Tyler all kinds of things about myself and I really felt that he listened. He really became my best friend,” said Katie.” Then, he came to Nashville to be my prom date. He looked so nice and was such a gentleman and all my girl friends were jealous. That night he kissed me for the first time and I just knew that he was The One! At least I hoped he was.”

Time passed and the two continued Emailing, talking on the phone and seeing each other at Seaside.

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George's on Alys Beach

. They made plans to attend the same university to see where all  this would take them. Upon graduation, Tyler proposed to Katie, she accepted, and they made plans for their wedding. “Of course our parents were thrilled  when we made the announcement. Our moms told us that they had been secretly hoping for this all along!” said  Katie.

“Our wedding was just so beautiful and had a beachy theme in honor of our beginnings. My Mom and Dad loaned us their Seaside beach house for our honeymoon. We’re having a great time together and sort of re-living our pasts a bit,”said Katie. “I can’t wait to continue the tradition and someday bring our kids here.”

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30A Dog Tales

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Literally, everywhere you look on 30A you see folks walking their dogs – a sign of good people, to me. I talked to a few of them and thought I’s share their stories with you.

At Pickles, a restaurant in Seaside on 30A, a couple sat outside having lunch with their little dog perched on Mom’s lap.”We got Charlotte from the Humane Society four years ago. She was skittish at first so we think she was abused. And look at her now!” Charlotte has bright eyes and a long silky white coat. She was enjoying the nibbles that Mom was giving her from her lunch. You’d never suspect she may have been abused from the way she expects and accepts pats from passers by.

Bob walked briskly by on the bike path that runs the length of 30A with Boomer, a Yellow Lab mix who was filled with happy energy.”I got Boomer when my son divorced and had to give up the dog. He had just turned two and was quite a handful. He was as big as he is now, but still acted like a pup.” Boomer sat by Bob’s side as we spoke.”We live in Grayton Beach which is just perfect for a big guy like Boomer. And it’s perfect for a guy like me!’ Boomer seemed to agree.

Knox, an intelligent and very well trained Black Lab, lives next door in Blue Mountain Beach. Karen’s former dog died and she swore she’d never have another.As the months went by, Karen started thinking that if she ever had another dog, she’d name it Knox. Next thing she knew, she took the leap and she got her dog! Knox loves to swim in the Gulf of Mexico and chase the tennis ball around the green at Gulf Place. Karen can’t imagine life without her buddy. Knox agrees.

Sugar Bear, a Golden Retriever mix, seems to have two owners.Owner number one is an older lady who lives in Blue Mountain Beach . Her neighbor. Kieth, walks Sugar Bear a couple times a day – an arrangement all three of them seem to love. Sugar Bear was a rescue dog and was fortunate enough to fall into a really good situation. He gets a lot of attention from both owners – or does he own them?

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