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Charles Modica, Sr. Hospitality Way

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A portion of Scenic Highway 30A has been renamed Charles Modica, Sr. Hospitality Way in honor of one of Seaside’s most beloved citizens, Charlie Modica. Mr. Modica and his wife, Sarah relocated their sucessful grocery business from Alabama to Seaside about 30 years ago. Modica Market

charles and sarah modica, 30a real estate

Charles ans Sarah Modica

was the first business in Seaside and has always been considered the anchor of the Seaside community. Mr. and Mrs. Modica and their family have poured love, dedication and hard work into their business and have been very generous in giving back to the community. Mr. Modica passed away in 2010 and is greatly missed by so very many people who considered him to be a friend. The store is now run by Mrs. Modica and their children, Charles and Carmel.
The ceremony was patriotic, with and opening prayer given by Fr. Tom Collins and a presentation of color by Walton High School ROTC. The Modica grandchildren led the pledge of allegiance and the singing of God Bless America. Speakers talked about Charlie’s genteel manners and his welcoming spirit that made so many feel comfortable and at home. Mr. Modica was referred to as Seaside’s “unofficial mayor” and is greatly missed by so many, but it can be said that his spirit live on.

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