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4th of July in Seaside

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This year’s 4th of July festivities in Seaside looks like a wonderful way to enjoy the day with your family and friends! Seaside is providing us with a parade, live entertainment and fireworks to make this a fun filled day for all! .On Sunday, July 4th, the Annual South Walton 4th of July Parade

4th of July in Seaside

will begin at 8A.M. at Seagrove Plaza and will end at the Seaside Ampitheater. We’ll get to enjoy an old-fashioned community parade of people, dogs and vehicles dressed in holiday garb. Judges in Seaside will select the winning entries and hand out prizes. Everyone is invited to participate – hop on your scooter, golf cart, bike or create a float and join in the parade fun.

Seaside Ampitheater will be the scene for music from 30A Radio until 11A.M. along with face painting and lots of other fun. The celebration will continue in the evening with Stars and Stripes at Seaside at 7P.M. with live music for all and the fantastic fireworks display at 9P.M. They are best viewed from the beach in front of Seaside Pavillion and will be choreographed  by 30A Radio. If you really love fireworks and are not satisfied with only one display, Bud & Alley’s will host a display on the beach behind their restaurant on Friday night at 9P.M.

All of this sounds like a wonderful way to spend the 4th of July holiday and enjoy yourself as you celebrate our nation’s birthday!

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Marie’s Bistro in Blue Mountain Beach

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Marie’s Bistro, located in Blue Mountain Beach

Marie's Bistro in Blue Mountain Beach on 30A, 30a real estate, Blue Mountain Beach

Blue Mountain Beach,

is a place that just makes you feel welcome when you stop in for a drink, for dinner or to enjoy the entertainment. You may be sure you’ll be greeted with a smile. The owners, Marie and Hanie Nasri, ran a catering business which gave them time to spend with their children. If they had plans with their family, they’d tell customers that they were booked and try again another time.As the kids grew they decided it might be time to look for a larger venue for their catering and found their present location in Blue Mountain Beach. The location allowed them to open a restautant in addition to their catering work.

As the popularity of their restaurant grew, they found they needed room to expand. Luckily, they were able to grow into the rest of the building to become the amply sized restaurant they are now. Their original dining room is used for dinner service or reserve for private parties and the additional space has a full bar and a larger dining room. This room plays host to the entertainment. There might be karaoke, belly dancing, DJs or live music with no cover charge.

Marie’s Bistro has a nicely varied menu with steaks, seafood, sushi and pasta. They have plans to begin serving breakfast three days a week soon. The owners consider it an honor when a customer chooses their restaurant as their destination for the evening. And, it shows in their service!

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Watercolor on 30A

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The splendor that is Watercolor, located on 30A, is definitely not to be missed. It is a residential and resort town that blends into its natural surroundings with ease and grace, becoming a place that is timeless and welcoming.

The homes in Watercolor pay tribute to houses found in coastal towns with their charming details and inviting architecture. The neighborhoods are interwoven among the surrounding native landscape and paths wind throughout the village and invite one to walk and appreciate the beauty of nature. Watercoor encompasses over 499 acres and is filled with green spaces, parks, paths, woodlands, pools, gardens, water features and biking paths. It is a place to slow down and enjoy the journey as well as the destination.

Watercolor has nearly 1,200 homes as well as a 60 room inn which is the area’s only AAA Four Diamond hotel. The inn features Fish Out of Water, an award winning restaurant with stunning Gulf views, superb cuisine and a distinctive wine list. There are a good number of boutiques and cafes in Watercor that must be explored.

Watercolor is known for being a hub of family -friendly fun and there is a vast array of activities for kids to take advantage of during their stay. Camp Watercolor

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Watercolor Resort

offers adventures, nature lessons, arts, crafts and lots of activities for kids. The parks are often the settings for festivals, art shows, wine tastings and special events. The neighborhood is surrounded by Western Lake, a coastal dune lake that provids residents with a host of activities. Canoes, Kayaks and stand up paddle boards are available for rent at the Watercolor Boat House.

Watercolor really does have something for everyone. It is a place where relaxation become effortless, the natural beauty is stimulating, dining choices are endless and life is good!

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Hummingbirds at the Beach!

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Hummingbirds at the beach? Somehow you think of seagulls and pelicans at the beach, but we don’t really associate hummingbirds with the beach. Well, you should! There are lots of hummingbirds along 30A towns and I see them regularly. There are some in my yard at Blue Mountain Beach and I’ve seen them in the gardens at Watercolor.

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Red Throated Hummingbird

If you’d like to attract the ruby-throated hummingbirds to your yard, you will have to choose your plants carefully. Stick with flowering native plants as much as you can and stick with ones that don’t require much care.Avoid double flowered blossoms because they don’t have as much nectar as single blossom flowers. The birds are happiest when the blossoms are 2 or more feet from the ground. They like hanging flower baskets, too. Place your plants where they will receive full sun and are in a good spot for viewing. You may use artificial means to feed the birds, but you must be very careful when you do. We all know that sugar water feeders are a draw for the birds, but they must be kept absolutely clean! Use a feeding solution of four parts water to one part sugar. Bring the mixture to a boil and then cool .Refrigerate unused portions. Choose feeders that can be easily taken apart for thorough cleaning because you will want clean it every few days. To clean, use a mixture of vinegar and hot water – do not use soaps. Do not use honey in your feeders. You don’t need to add colors or dyes to the water as long as there is some red color on the feeder. Also, please do not use insect sprays on the feeders. A lot of feeders come with protective bee guards to help you and the hummingbirds. A hummingbird garden sounds nice, doesn’t it? When planting, follow the layered planting principle. You might attach a trellis to a wall and cover it with trumpet creeper or coral honeysuckle vines. Think of the fragrances! A red buckeye tree is recommended and lower shrubs such as fire bush. Plant your low flowering annuals and perennials close to the ground. Now, all you have to do is fix a tall, cool drink, take it outside, find a comfortable chair in the shade and enjoy watching your hummingbirds!

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La Loba’s Bakery in Blue Mountain Beach

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If you can imagine a bakery that serves healthy treats, you are imagining La Loba’s Bakery in Blue Mountain Beach. One of the bakery’s owners, Gwynn Baker is a quiet person who feels that baking is in her blood and it is something that she just loves to do – and it shows!

A little while back, Gwynn and her partner, Alan Arner, noticed that it was difficult to find fresh baked goods that were made from organic ingredients. They took the bull by the horns and created their bakery for others who were looking for healthy treats. Today, they bake whole grain breads, cinnamon rolls, cakes, muffins, brownies and seasonal items. Their best selling cakes are carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting.

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Blue Mountain Beach

La Loba’s also serves vegetarian lunches which are delicious as well as healthy. Again, all ingredients are organic. I have had their vegetable pie and it was fantastic! They offer some lunch dishes with organic meat and they have a variety of gluten free and grain free items. Try one of their salads which are created from local farms and vary with availability of produce.

Gwynn feels that a big part of her service is to educate people about organic food and to help them realize that eating clean food is one of the best things that they can do for themselves. La Loba’s Bakery is located next to Big Daddy’s Bike Shop and For the Health of It in Blue Mountain Beach. Some of her creations are also sold at Amavida Coffee Shops. Give organic a try. You’ll like it!

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30A St. Patrick’s Parade

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30A St. Patrick's Day Parade

Better begin preparing now for the St. Patrick’s parade that will take place on Friday, March 16th at 3:oo P.M. The parade will form on 30A near the Preserve in Blue Mountain Beach and will end at Gulf Place. The parade began in 2008 and has grown each year. The event now has a festival with green beer and lots for everyone to do and enjoy! Guiness will sponsor banners, music, entertainment and lots of fun.

Jac McTighe will be this year’s Grand Marshal. He has also been the Grand Marshal of the Atlanta St. Patrick’s Parade.  It is expected that the Green at Gulf Place will be packed, so you should plan to arrive early and bring a lawn chair. There will be a Best in Parade award again this year. Businesses are encouraged to enter their decorated cars, trucks or floats and compete to see who wins the award. The judges table will be situated in Blue Mountain Beach at the halfway point of the parade route. The Best in Parade award will be given to the winner at Gulf Place.

There will be lots to do at Gulf Place after the parade. There wil be face painting, food, drinks, vendors, Irish dancers, and a Celtic band. Also three gold Celtic necklaces will be thrown to the crowd during the parade and two more at Gulf Place during the entertainment.  Drake Irish Dancers will  be joined by Mickle-A-Do for some music and jigging.

Head to Miss Lucille’s Gossip Parlor for some of that famous green beer that makes St. Patrick’s Day so special. So, why not decorate your vehicle and register for the parade? You can register online at www.30aparade.com. Wouldn’t it be great if you won the award? Even if you don’t win the actual award, you’ll win a fantastic time! See you there!

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Fun On the Beach!

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What a great weekend here on 30A! The weather has been so warm, creating lots of opportunities for play outdoors. I’m fortunate to live next door to  wonderful neighbors  who enjoy time spent outside, too. Karen and Caleb, the couple who had the beach wedding in November, are always ready to go – to do something fun. And their fun is always shared with Knox, the Amazing Black Lab. Karen’s dad and sister came from Alabama to visit for the weekend and they brought their dogs along to the beach. Of course, my Golden Retriever, Scouty, jioned in the mix ,so there were a bunch of  active, happy, panting dogs everywhere you turned. As the evening progressed it was agreed upon by everyone to get out a little and take the dogs to the beach. The dogs liked the idea so we leashed them up and headed to Blue Mountain Beach with the happiest dogs in the world.

There’s nothing in the world more fun than a couple of unleashed dogs playing on a nighttime beach with owners who adore them. They ran with wild abandon up and down the beach. They chased each other, they wrestled, they rolled in the sand and then they got up and did it all again! And again. They really had a big time splashing through the Gulf and chasing the waves as they rolled in to shore. They’d come up to us – sitting on the sand – to lay down next to us for a little rest and receive some pets and then, zoom, they’re off again! The evening was spectacular with the stars shining brightly, the breeze so warm and the dogs so happy. These times are times that I will never forget because they are shared with great friends -people and dog friends alike.

I must say that the  walk home was far different than the walk to the beach. The dogs were much more calm and relaxed and so were the owners. We heard music and conversation coming from Johnny McTigh’s Irish Pub

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The Pristine Beaches of 30A

on 30A and  it sounded like everyone there was having a great time outdoors, too. But, we also agreed that we were sure that they were’t having nearly as much fun as we had with our dogs on the beach

If you’d like to know more about 30a’a beaches, click here. See you at the beach!

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