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Rosemary Beach Real Estate

Rosemary Beach Real Estate

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Rosemary Beach Community Information

Rosemary Beach real estate
Rosemary Beach real estate consists of 107-acres. The gulf front town of Rosemary Beach was born in 1995, and continues to be a place to live, play, and vacation. A community that has everything you could ever want, need, and desire.

Florida has always been a place where people from all walks of life choose to live and vacation. The state has captivated the minds of retirees, surfers, and weekend relaxers since it’s admission into the union. In fact, Florida was once well known for it’s wealth associated with Cuban casinos. At any rate, Florida is beautiful and certainly a place that everyone should visit at least once. If you are attempting to plan a visit to Florida you simply must take a look at some of the smaller beach communities.

While Orlando and Miami are very nice, there are some absolutely beautiful small towns that are right on the water and have the ability to take an average vacation and make it extraordinary. Among these small towns is Rosemary Beach, Florida.

About Rosemary Beach

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The City of Rosemary Beach is situated on western side of the Florida panhandle. The city itself can be found approximately 35 miles south of Panama City. There are multiple stories available about the city’s founding, but most recognize that the perfect beauty found near to the city’s center was more than likely the original reason for beginning a settlement.

Today, visitors to Rosemary Beach (and people who own Rosemary Beach real estate) have easy access to this beauty through any of Florida’s international, national, or regional airports. Many visitors also choose to drive to the city since it is located near several major highways. In fact, one of the major roads traveling through Rosemary Beach is a United States Scenic Byway trail. As a result, motorists interested in traveling by car throughout the Unites States are often seen on the streets of Rosemary Beach. This, of course, is a huge plus for potential business owners in the area.

Many of Rosemary Beach’s residents have come to the city as a result of it’s architectural prowess. Unique to many 20th century American cities, Rosemary Beach has maintained a sense of architectural homogeneity that develops a sense of character for the small Floridian paradise. Most of the cities architecture is in a modern style. In fact, many buildings were constructed within the last twenty or twenty five years, most even by the same builders and designers.

Further establishing Rosemary Beach as a modern paradise is the fact that the city maintains strict zoning and coding laws that keep massive corporations from taking over the landscape. In fact, many large companies have looked at Rosemary Beach as a potential profit generator but eventually lost interest when they discovered how the town was designed to cater towards the person instead of the company. Despite the fact that big business is hard to come by in Rosemary Beach, many residents have found local jobs that allow them a short commute to work and the opportunity to stop by the beach on the way to and from the office. This type of lifestyle is surely an attractive force for individuals who have spent the majority of their adulthood in big cities or large towns. In fact, quite a few of Rosemary Beach’s residents are past residents of big cities like Boston, New York City, or Philadelphia.