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Lots of Happiness on 30A!

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I saw a lot of things all along 30A yesterday that brought a smile to my face – in fact some of them made me laugh! I was driving up 30A and there was a bunch of boys, about 15 of them, who were zipping up the bike path and they were all riding skateboards or scooters. I passed by them in the Seagrove Beach area and they stretched out for about a half mile – some were faster than others. I could hear them hooting and shouting and laughing. The very last two kids were down on their knees on their skateboards and were”paddling’ them with sawed off broomsticks! They were having a blast and getting a lot of exercise, all in the name of fun. It made me feel good to see these kids outdoors and playing after school because there aren’t a lot of kids who get out and play anymore. How refreshing to watch them. I bet they enjoyed their dinners when they got home!

I always feel good when I stop in the Publix at Watercolor. I’d say it’s due to the associates who work there. They are so helpful, cheerful and friendly and really make customers feel kind of special. They make the task of grocery shopping a pleasure and I am grateful for that. I hope other customers appreciate them – and tell them!

I smiled when I saw an older couple strolling the shops at Grayton Beach and they were holding hands. How nice is that?

I downright laughed when I threw the pine cone about 150 times for Roxy, the Black Lab office manager here at Luxury Properties on 30A.  It’s a game she never tires of and neither do I. She pounces and leaps after the cone and I swear she chucks the cone at me when she brings it back. Might have to get a scout in to look her over for the Big Leagues.

The thing that probably made me feel the most happiness  happened with my Blue Mountain Beach

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Gulf of Mexico Evenings

Golden Retriever, Scouty .After dark we walked the block, crossed 30A,  went to the Gulf of Mexico and hung out on the beach. It was just the two of us, the sand, the ocean and the stars.It was so good to be able to do something like that with him. He played in the water and got his paws wet and sandy – which came home with us – and had a super time. The sand is still here and there in the house, but who cares? It’s worth a little sand in the house to have had such a good time together.

I’d say that happiness is everywhere all along 30A. All you have to do is look for it and you’re sure to find it!



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