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Healthy Living on 30A

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Don’t want to abandon all the hard work you’ve done since the start of the year while you’re at the beach? Don’t worry; 30A is fully equipped to help you keep up your healthy lifestyle, even on vacation.

  1. For The Health Of It, located in Blue Mountain Beach, specializes in organic and natural foods, as well as fresh produce, made-to-order smoothies and juices, and even has a massage therapy clinic inside. For The Health Of It is definitely your biggest one stop health shop on the highway.
  2. Big Daddy’s Bike Shop, conveniently located right next door to For The Health Of It, is the place to go for all of your bicycle-related needs. Whether you’re buying, renting, or in need of repairs, Big Daddy’s has been around forever and is the tried and true bike business on 30A. Healthy living isn’t just about what you put into your body, but also staying active. What better way to do it on 30A than take advantage of the wonderfully bike-friendly area?
  3. La Loba’s Bakery, also located in the same shopping center as For The Health Of It and Big Daddy’s, is the home to all of your delicious home-made needs. Famous for their granola, La Loba’s also has delectable organic lunches. Trust us, never leave without one of their homemade goodies. We at LP30A would suggest their chocolate puddles, which are to die for!
  4. Balance Health Studio is located in Seagrove Beach. Whether you need a massage, a yoga session, or a chiropractic appointment, Balance is the place to be. Their staff is always ready to help, and Dr. Bart, their resident chiropractor, works wonders.
  5. Rosemary Farmers Market, in addition to the businesses open all week, is only available on Sundays from 9AM-1PM (As well as Thursdays Memorial Day-Labor Day) in Rosemary Beach. Many locals, including us at LP30A, go every week to get our fresh ingredients to cook with at home. It’s an absolute must for anyone interested in living a healthy lifestyle at the beach.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Luxury Properties on 30A

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Ready for Spring Break on 30A

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Everyone is ready for Spring Break on 30A and the towns and bike paths are full of happy families walking, playing, laughing, biking and creating wonderful memories. Seaside, of course, is filled with diners and shoppers and Watercolor

Back yard of 637 Eastern Lake Rd. Sa

Back yard of 637 Eastern Lake Rd.

is happily filled with Spring revelers. Restaurants (one of our favorites is 723 Whiskey Bravo) are booming and serving fresh seafood to vacationers, and live music is everywhere.The white beaches are perfect for afternoon walks and are great spots for reading a godo book. Come to 30A for the best beach vacation ever – we’re waiting for you!


Contact me today if your interested in purchasing your dream vacation home on 30A!



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Watersound Beach and Seacrest Beach – Amazing!

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Yesterday afternoon we went to preview a few properties for potential buyers who are coming to 30A this weekend and our first stop was at Watersound Beach, just a couple miles up 30A from our office. I find the Watersound Beach community to be a most amazing place. Watersound is a gated community that is situated right on the Gulf of Mexico. A lot of thought, planning and creativity went into the design of the residences – they remind me of Nantucket. Each home is so charming and gracious with thoughtful landscaping and carriage houses. The community boasts two swimming pools and a Puttering Park with 18 holes for golfers. Even if you aren’t a golfer, Puttering Park is a great place to go for a walk and enjoy the trees and natural vegetation -very peaceful.

I think that one of the things that impresses me the most about Watersound would be the boardwalks that sort of connect the residences to each other and to the many ammenities that are offered to residents. These boardwalks also meander to the beach and weave through and over the whitest sand dunes that make you feel you are in another world. The dunes are spotted with natural vegetation and sea grasses and are a sight to see. The boardwalk dips up and down and, suddenly, you look down and there’s the Gulf of Mexico and and the widest and whitest beaches I have ever seen! The view honestly took my breath away and I never wanted to leave. Working for Luxury Properties on 30A certainly does have some advantages, doesn’t it?

Our next stop was in Seacrest Beach a couple of miles up 30A from Watersound. Seacrest’s neighborhood streets are thoughtfully lined with huge palm trees and set the tone for the community.One of the things that attracts me to Seacrest would be the fact that the homes all have large porches and balconies that open onto the sidewalk and roads. I can picture families spending breezy, warm nights on the porches, lounging in comfortable chairs, sharing ice cream and greeting passers by. Seacrest is the perfect neighborhood for evening strolls and stopping to chat with friends – kind of like Mayberry! I also saw La Cocina, a restaurant in Seacrest Beach that I heard has excellent food. I can’t wait to try it now that I know where it is!

I must say that I love exploring 30A and learning about all the communities that are scattered here and there. I enjoy learning about 30A’s food offerings and unique, quaint shops. I hpope you spend time here and love it as much as I do. Be sure to stop by to visit us here at Luxury Properties on 30A and let’s go to lunch!

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Watersound's beach and boardwalks


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>Why do you need a professional real estate agent?

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Did you know 85% of all transactions start online?
Starting with clothes, cars, homes, tools etc…

What is a real estate agent?
A Realtor/real estate agent works as a representative for the
broker to make a smooth buyers/sellers transaction.

What exactly do they do?
We help a buyer/seller make wise decisions on
a real estate transaction.
We do the paper work, find homes that suits your needs
if you’re a buyer. If you’re a seller, we market your home
to attract a ready, willing and able buyers.

Isn’t it easier to sell a home by using “for sale by owner”?
Remember, a real estate sales professional eats, breaths, and sleeps their local market and has an infinite amount of resources, contacts, and key insight that outsiders certainly do not. You can market your own home, schedule your own showings, try to attract your own buyers, etc..
But do know if a real estate agent were to represent you, you’d have a greater success at getting it sold because of the aforementioned. Remember, 85% of buyers look online before they purchase their biggest asset.

How do I know that my agent is actually marketing my home?
Google your own address, make sure your home/condo/land shows up on
A LOT of websites.
Have your agent give you details on what wide web marketing tools
will be used and that they’re up to date on all social media
connections and proven selling systems.
Ask questions. Demand answers.

What does MLS mean?
MLS = Multiple Listing Service.
It’s a program that shares all property details between
real estate professionals.
They can access to it directly to see what has sold,
price changes on properties, new to market etc…
A home buyer/home seller can also get that information,
just not directly.
Real estate agents subscribe to it through their own broker.

How much does it cost to have an agent represent you?
Depends on the market. The average agent on 30A charges 6% of
the transaction. But remember, it’s usually split in half if there are
a buyer’s agent and a sellers agent.
Then they have to pay the broker, the brokerage and then the agent
get what’s left.
So it costs you a helping hand in a very
emotional, stressful, anxiety driven, money worrying situation.

Gosh, they earn straight cash by just dressing
nice and looking at homes all day?

That would be ideal, but NO, it’s not that easy.
The agent representing you will pay for all the marketing tools, signs,
gas, phone bill, realtors fees, MLS fees, meeting with other agents to
preview their properties and show your home.
They also pay for their own office fees, office supplies, continuing education,
websites they subscribe to etc.
AND the ONLY way they get paid is if they go to closing,
meaning when they find the buyer a home or sell the sellers home.

Hmmm…How do I pick an agent to represent me?
Make sure you have a good “gut-feeling” about them.
CONNECTING is key. If you don’t like them, find someone else.
You’ll be emailing them continuously, numerous phone calls,
meetings face-to-face etc..
An agent that knows the market and can que in your interests, hard working,
honest and highly productive with a good success rate is a definite pick.

What else should I know about a real estate agent?
A real estate agent works hard to satisfy your property inquiry.
If you’re a buyer, a skilled agent will find help you find a property
within your price range that suits your needs.
If you’re a seller, an agent will use the proper tools to get you
the market value price of your property.

If you have any questions regarding real estate,
feel free to contact me!
No questions are overrated or underrated.
If you don’t know, ask…

~sylvia soderholm

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