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The Farmers Market

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Every weekend year round there is a farmers market on 30A. All of us at Luxury Properties on 30A visit it as much as possible and we really enjoy it. On Sunday’s there is one from 9am-1pm at the Rosemary Beach Community Town Center. There is also one on Saturday’s from 9am-1pm located in Seaside.



The Farmers Market has a variety of different fruits, vegetables, desserts, and just about anything you can think of. Most of the stuff is freshly baked and it is delicious! 30A has the best farmers market’s around so we here at LP30A advise you to stop by and give it a try.

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Sunday Brunch at the Beach on 30A

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Sunday brunch ay the beach on 30A is a special time and many venues serve delicious and festive brunch each Sunday. My neighbor loves to brunch at Restaurant Fire in Gulf Place and enjoys their endless mimosas and excellent food. Hibisus afe, a bit up the road in <a href=”http://luxurypropertieson30a.com/grayton-beach-real-estate”>Grayton Beach</a>, invites you to relax in the Back Yard of Love. Here, you will enjoy live music as well as healthy food. Marie’s Bistro, in Blue Mountain Beach, offers a brunch buffet each Sunday. Breakfast and lunch items are available and there will be live music for diners.
The Red Bar, in Grayton Beach is well known for their Sunday Fun Days, with really refreshing Bloody Marys along with their food selections. Usually there is a band playing and lots of action going on, both inside and outside. V Seagrove has a changing menu with a market omelet each week – such as crab and lobster. They also make wonderful drinks. Why eat at home when you have so many great brunch choices?!

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30A Dog Tales

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Literally, everywhere you look on 30A you see folks walking their dogs – a sign of good people, to me. I talked to a few of them and thought I’s share their stories with you.

At Pickles, a restaurant in Seaside on 30A, a couple sat outside having lunch with their little dog perched on Mom’s lap.”We got Charlotte from the Humane Society four years ago. She was skittish at first so we think she was abused. And look at her now!” Charlotte has bright eyes and a long silky white coat. She was enjoying the nibbles that Mom was giving her from her lunch. You’d never suspect she may have been abused from the way she expects and accepts pats from passers by.

Bob walked briskly by on the bike path that runs the length of 30A with Boomer, a Yellow Lab mix who was filled with happy energy.”I got Boomer when my son divorced and had to give up the dog. He had just turned two and was quite a handful. He was as big as he is now, but still acted like a pup.” Boomer sat by Bob’s side as we spoke.”We live in Grayton Beach which is just perfect for a big guy like Boomer. And it’s perfect for a guy like me!’ Boomer seemed to agree.

Knox, an intelligent and very well trained Black Lab, lives next door in Blue Mountain Beach. Karen’s former dog died and she swore she’d never have another.As the months went by, Karen started thinking that if she ever had another dog, she’d name it Knox. Next thing she knew, she took the leap and she got her dog! Knox loves to swim in the Gulf of Mexico and chase the tennis ball around the green at Gulf Place. Karen can’t imagine life without her buddy. Knox agrees.

Sugar Bear, a Golden Retriever mix, seems to have two owners.Owner number one is an older lady who lives in Blue Mountain Beach . Her neighbor. Kieth, walks Sugar Bear a couple times a day – an arrangement all three of them seem to love. Sugar Bear was a rescue dog and was fortunate enough to fall into a really good situation. He gets a lot of attention from both owners – or does he own them?

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