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Carillon Beach Real Estate

Carillon Beach Real Estate

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Carillon Beach Community Information

Carrilon Beach Real Estate

This 104-acres of pristine gulf front beach, located on the Panhandle of Florida, is a peaceful haven. It is a community created out of a desire to return to a quieter and gentler time when people cared for the land and the neighbors around them. The community of Carillon Beach has many amenities, including a 12-acre lake, naturally landscaped parks, shopping village, three swimming pools, tennis courts and over 4000 linear feet of serene white sand beaches on the Gulf of Mexico.

The creation of Carillon Beach began in 1982 when the Wm. Biggs, Sr. Family purchased the property that is now the community of Carillon Beach. The family realized that with the purchase of this magnificent piece of land came the responsibility of its stewardship. Thoughtfully, over time, a vision emerged. Their priorities were, first, to develop the property in a manner sensitive to the environment, creating a community in which man and nature could co-exist in harmony. Second, to create a place that was timeless, where families would gather for generations to come. And finally, to include a thriving, energetic and diverse town.

In 1991, they enlisted the expertise of the late Lloyd Vogt. After endless hours of careful planning, the noted New Orleans architect began the drawing of the plans that would make the vision a reality. Mr. Vogt modeled the plan for Carillon on the neighborhood plans used in ancient Greek and Roman times. The design incorporates beauty, order and symmetry and is designed to be a pedestrian community. At the center of town stands the 37-bell carillon, the community landmark. Streets run north and south, east and west, from intersecting axes that lead to community pavilions. With the addition of downtown, a new vibrant energy has been added to Carillon. Reminiscent of the village mainstreet, downtown offers a diverse dining and shopping experience together with significant areas for congregating.