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Beach Safety

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 One way to practice beach safety is to pay attention to the Beach Warning Flags that provide information  about surf conditions. It is not uncommon to experience dangerous rip currents when there is a break in the sand bar. This break creates a narrow path of water that rushes out to the sea and a swimmer in this path will be pulled away from shore. It is impossible to swim against the power of a rip current in an attempt to return to shore – do not even try. It is best to swim parallel to the shore until you are out of the current before swimming to shore. A double red flag indicates a rip current and bathers are forbidden to enter the water.A single red flag allows you to enter the water as long as you cool down at the water’s edge, no deeper that knee deep. E.xplanations of the flag colors are posted on signs under the flags.

Beach safety is increased when swimmers choose to enjoy beach time at an access with lifeguards. Lifeguards are provided by the Walton County Fire Department and will be found at these locations:

Inlet Beach, Seagrove Beach

30A beach, 30a real estate

30A Beach

, Seaside,Blue Mountain Beach and three accesses in Santa Rosa Beach.


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